Inspection Stations reduce neck, back, and eye strain.

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IS-3N and IS-3L Ergonomic video inspection stations permit upright seating and eye-level observation via video monitor or computer when inspecting small parts through microscope. IS-3N offers variable magnification up to 450x; IS-3L offers variable magnification up to 230x. CCD camera, lens, and white LED are built into microscopes. Camera captures 270,000 pixels of full color. Options include video monitor, boom stand, and frame grabber.

Original Press Release:

New Ergonomic Inspection Station

Less Neck, Back and Eye Strain

CLEVELAND, OH-June 20, 2002-ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc., has announced a new video inspection system. ASG is located at 15700 S. Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, OH 44110. Telephone (216) 486-6163. Fax (216) 481-4519. Inquiries should be directed to Matt Schron. E-mail: Web:

The new Ergonomic Video Inspection Station has been designed to reduce operator neck, back and eye strain when observing small parts. In contrast to using a traditional stereo microscope, the operator is not required to repeatedly bend over an instrument. The video microscope permits upright seating and eye level observation via video monitor or computer.

Two versions are available. The IS-3N offers variable magnification from [infinity sign]x to 450x; the IS-3L offers variable magnification from [infinity sign]x to 230x. (Magnification ratings based on standard manual zoom lens and 14" monitors.) The camera captures at 270,000 pixels of full color high-resolution. A 1/4-inch CCD camera, lens and white LED light-emitting diode are built into the microscope. (Video monitor and boom stand sold separately. Frame grabber, required to view an image on a computer, also sold separately.)

Height is 146 mm (without stand). Width is 65 mm. Weight is about 14 oz. Typical items inspected include: circuit boards, contacts, leads, wires, molds, dies, broaches, QC, forensic, and R & D materials.

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