Inspection Software includes file import converter.

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Providing link between CAD and CAM, Geomagic Qualify 8 delivers in-depth analysis and integrates with 3D laser scanning systems to provide complete inspection solution. File import converter allows R16 CAD geometry from Catia v4 and Catia v5 to be directly imported into Geomagic Qualify 8SR1. Software automatically generates web-ready reports and performs automated statistical process control on multiple samples to show deviation trends in manufacturing process.

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Laser Design Announces Availability of New Catia Importer for Geomagic Qualify 8 with its 3D scanners

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN; December 6, 2006) -- Laser Design Inc. announced the availability of the new Catia importer for Geomagic Qualify 8. Geomagic Qualify 8 is the automated inspection software that speeds processes, provides in-depth analysis, and ensures repeatability that Laser Design integrates with its 3D laser scanning systems to provide a complete inspection solution. The new file import converter allows R16 CAD geometry from Catia v.4 and Catia v.5 to be directly imported into Geomagic Qualify 8SR1. The importer tool improves the overall quality of the imported geometry and increases import speed. This enables Catia users to realize the full benefits of part inspection using 3D laser scanning.

Laser Design's GKS Inspection Services division employs Geomagic Qualify for inspection projects and it also is essential to Laser Design customers worldwide in automated reconstruction and redesign of physical parts and molds, mass production of customized devices, and build-to-order manufacturing. Geomagic Qualify is the link between CAD and CAM, providing a fully digital manufacturing environment. It enables fast, easy-to-understand graphical comparisons between CAD models and parts for first-article inspection, inline or shop-floor inspection, trend analysis, 2D and 3D geometric dimensioning, and automated reporting.

Already a winning combination, Laser Design scanning systems and Geomagic Qualify 8 with the improved Catia import capabilities offer significant time and money savings. Inspection and approval can be completed in hours instead of days or even weeks. Quality control is performed in-house saving even more time and expense by not sending parts out to third party vendors. The Geomatic Qualify tool is easy to use and generates web-ready reports automatically to speed communication across manufacturing functions. Automated statistical process control (SPC) on multiple samples shows deviation trends in a manufacturing process. With greater accuracy, speed, and certified results, no other tool on the market can beat Geomagic Qualify 8 for inspection applications.

Geomagic, Inc. is a worldwide software and services company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and distributors worldwide. Enabled by advanced optical measurement systems and 3D-data processing software, Geomagic enables engineers and designers to transform scan data from physical objects into highly accurate digital models. More than 5,000 professionals in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices and consumer products use Geomagic software and services to customize products, automate processes, and increase throughput.

Laser Design, Inc. has been the leading supplier of ultra-precise, 3D laser scanning systems and services since 1987. Used for capturing the 3D shape of objects with complex geometries and free-form surfaces, Laser Design's Surveyor line of automated and portable scanning systems are ideal for 3D scanning applications involving inspection and reverse engineering of complex shaped plastic and metal parts. The company's patented laser line-probe technology dramatically reduces scanning time by collecting data substantially faster and more accurately than conventional metrology technologies. Laser Design also operates GKS Inspection Services (, an in-house service division offering complete 3D scanning, modeling, and dimensional measurement services. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company also has an R&D lab in Seattle, a regional office in Detroit, and distributors throughout Europe and Asia. For further information, contact Marty Schuster, by phone (952-884-9648, ext. 202), fax (952-884-9653), via email to or visit Laser Design's web site at

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