Inova Partners with Simdesk to Deploy SimMobile in Brazil

Brazil's leading Web applications provider delivers next-generation mobile services to service providers

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 11 - Simdesk Technologies today announced that Inova, Brazil's leading Web applications service provider, has integrated the SimMobile next-generation mobile services platform into its Velop messaging and collaboration solution. Inova partnered with Simdesk to bring true mobility to the Velop service it provides to Brazil's market- leading fixed and mobile telecommunications service providers, cable operators and internet service providers (ISPs).

Inova's Velop messaging and collaboration solution provides small-to- medium-size businesses (SMBs) and sophisticated consumers with access to feature-rich e-mail, contacts, notes and online file storage on any Web- enabled computer. The solution appeals to SMBs because it provides them with powerful productivity and collaboration tools at an affordable price point. By integrating the SimMobile mobile services platform into the offering, subscribers can now access all of the Velop services on any mass-market handset or smart phone.

"The emergence of wireless e-mail services for large enterprise customers in Brazil has created a desire among SMB subscribers to have access to the same high-value services to help them compete," said Alexis Panagides, Inova's CEO. "However, the high cost of deploying today's traditional enterprise solutions preclude most SMBs from gaining access to the mobile services they want, which makes our partnership with Simdesk to integrate the SimMobile platform into the Velop solution a solid fit for our SMB services strategy."

With an existing installed base of more than 500,000 Velop subscribers, Inova recognizes that the demand for anywhere, anytime access to communication tools and information is growing in Brazil just as it is around the world. SMBs are faced with the challenge of competing head-to-head with large companies that can afford to invest in and maintain the expensive back-end infrastructure necessary to power today's typical enterprise mobile solutions. But SimMobile changes this dynamic and makes it possible for Inova and its service provider customers to reach the SMB market with enterprise-class mobile services they can afford.

"By integrating SimMobile into the popular Velop messaging and collaboration solution, Inova is positioning itself as a market leader in helping mobile service providers, cable operators and ISPs reach new markets with high-value services," said Lou Waters, president, Simdesk. "Over the past several years, mobile device penetration in Brazil has experienced solid year-over-year growth and now the demand for services is building momentum, particularly among SMBs. We designed SimMobile specifically to help service providers like Inova cost-effectively and efficiently reach this largely untapped market segment with the mobile services they want, at a price point they can afford and on the devices they already own."

SimMobile is a powerful and affordable alternative to Exchange, BES and Domino deployments designed to reach underserved market segments. A brandable product, SimMobile is a complete end-to-end solution that enables Simdesk customers and partners to deliver high-value mobile services, featuring the S-drive, a network file system, push e-mail, shared calendaring, contacts and notes, and virtual printing. SimMobile makes any phone a smart phone without the associated high handset costs, optimizing the full communication experience on 600-plus devices and every major phone operating system. The solution can be accessed natively on any mobile device, via desktop sync or through the Web, turning any mass-market handset into a smart phone and helping achieve fixed-mobile convergence.

Unlike traditional mobile e-mail gateway providers, SimMobile goes beyond e-mail to provide an end-to-end solution that complements an operator's current offering as a complete, low-cost alternative to Exchange and Domino. At the heart of SimMobile is the S-drive, a network file system that enables mobile operators to host subscribers' UGC, including music, photos, streaming videos and work files. The solution's groupware management ties everything together with workgroup sharing of files that include read/write permissions, as well as sharing across all services.

About INOVA:

INOVA is a leading provider of high performance integrated web applications. INOVA delivers users access to all their data and key applications from any web enabled device, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of working with computers. INOVA has been a pioneer in perfecting AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) technologies that can deliver desktop like application performance over the web.

INOVA delivers its solutions through a growing channel of private-label resale partners, and also reaches users directly through its subsidiaries. INOVA enables its partners to operate highly profitable businesses. INOVA is a privately held company with offices in -Washington DC, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company is funded by founders and one main institutional investor, Darby Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of Franklin Templeton.

About Simdesk Technologies:

Simdesk Technologies, Inc. provides mobile operators and their hosting providers, broadband service providers and handset manufacturers with the leading mobile services platform. Unlike traditional mobile e-mail providers, Simdesk delivers an end-to-end solution that redefines services for sophisticated consumers and SMBs delivered through a variety of access points including mass-market handsets, the Web and desktop. With disruptively low deployment costs, Simdesk enables its customers to open new and highly profitable revenue streams, and accelerates loyalty within their existing customer base. Simdesk's customers include KDDI, NEXTEL Peru, Inova, Oi, TTG Belgium, among others. The company's worldwide headquarters is located in Houston.

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