Innovative Tapping Tee Helps Save Time and Money

Findlay, Ohio - March 20, 2006: The new UNI-T(TM) tapping tee from Hancor offers flexibility and convenience. Specially designed for any project that requires a tapped line, this versatile polyurethane tapping tee provides savings in installation time and inventory costs. UNI-T accomplishes this through its patented spacer ring system that contains five removable rings.

Before UNI-T, five separate items were required to make the connection between a given size service pipe and 12" through 60" corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) main line pipe. Now, UNI-T can accommodate all main line pipe sizes in a single fitting.

The flexible yet robust UNI-T has a patented design that permits it to be folded in certain places and quickly installed into a main line pipe without any mechanical assistance as spacer rings are easily removed over the folded end flange.

"At Hancor our goal is to provide products that make our customer's job easier," says Bill Altermatt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hancor. "UNI-T helps to round out and complement Hancor's broad product offering, and its innovative design certainly sets it apart from other products."

The UNI-T has several distinct advantages. It facilitates a simple, fast installation because no tools or mechanical devices are required, and it only involves one-piece fitting, versus other products that have multiple components. The tee's design results in minimal extension into the main line, achieving a five per cent or less obstruction of flow. In addition, UNI-T can reduce inventory by 80 per cent, replacing 15 items that would normally be stocked.

Available in three different diameters (4", 6" and 8"), the UNI-T's flexibility is demonstrated when the tee is installed. To install a 4" UNI-T into a 12" drain line, all five rings are left in place, to install a 6" UNI-T into a 30" line requires the removal of two rings and to install an 8" UNI-T into a 60" line, all rings are removed.

This innovative tee from Hancor features a snug, soil-tight connection into 12" to 60" corrugated HDPE pipe, plus it includes a Nyloplast adapter coupling for connecting 4", 6" or 8" corrugated HDPE service pipe. This adapter is not required for SDR-35 service pipe.

Hancor is a solutions provider. One of the nation's largest suppliers of storm water management systems, Hancor manufactures a wide variety of plastic drainage products for the commercial, residential, construction and agricultural markets. Hancor was founded in 1887 in Findlay, Ohio and operates manufacturing facilities and service centers across the country.

For more information, visit the Hancor website at, or call 1-888-FOR PIPE (367-7473).

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Tori Durliat
Corporate Manager of Marketing and Communications, Hancor, Inc.
401 Olive Street, Findlay, Ohio 45840
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