Innovative Laser Solutions from ROFIN-SINAR on Show at EuroBLECH 2008

Soon EuroBLECH 2008 will be opening its doors at the Hanover Exhibition Centre, and once again ROFIN-SINAR will use this opportunity to showcase a range of products and systems, specifically targeted at the world of sheet metal working.

ROFIN RWSflex - Dynamic Laser Welding

The Remote Welding System (RWS) is so called due to the extremely long distance between the focusing lens and work point. This principle revolutionizes multi-spot welding operations in sheet metal applications The Remote Welding System concept has the laser system mounted above the working area, on a gantry, with the laser beam being delivered to the working area below by a single gimbal-mounted mirror. The complete system is enclosed by perimeter safety guarding allowing for safe and easy operation. The main benefits for the customer are reduced cycle times, savings in floor space in integrated production lines, and greater freedom of design due to increased flexibility of geometry.

Depending upon the application being considered, the system can incorporate one of a range of CO2 slab lasers available from ROFIN. The nearly perfectly Gaussian beam of the ROFIN slab laser gives a depth of focus measured in tens of millimetres and the effective working envelope of the (RWS) has now been increased to 1500 mm x 2000 mm. The complete system also incorporates a linear axis, on which the focusing lens is mounted. The travel of this lens, at up to 50 meters per minute, reduces non productive times and also allows the focal point to be positioned spatially, in addition to the plane.

DQ Series Lasers - Remove, Clean, Insulate

ROFIN Q-switched lasers are the ideal tool for Removal, Cleaning and Insulation applications. Based on the highly successful diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers, the new DQ series is available in two variants - Premium and Premium+, which differ in power, pulse energy and equipment. On show at this year's EuroBLECH will be the DQx80S one of the Premium + variants.

The unique principle of the Q-switch, used in this range of lasers, enables peak pulse performance 1,000 times higher than cw laser power. Each variant of the DQ series also has the option for single or dual cavities mounted within the housing. This arrangement eliminates the need for separate utilities, doubles the capacity of the laser, and at the same time reduces the footprint thus saving valuable space in areas such as clean rooms. The individual cavities can operate independently offering two beam sources from the same housing.

The Premium and Premium+ variants also include an optical attenuator which supports precise and stable parameter adjustment and setting. This ensures excellent results even for sensitive applications such as the selective removal of different thicknesses of material. The first pulse suppression feature is also standard for all products of this series of lasers. This feature ensures that pulse energy remains constant from the first pulse onwards enabling production processes to be fine tuned and re-produced consistently guaranteeing quality.

The beam delivery to the application point is achieved using fibre optics of 600 µm diameter for the Standard variant and 800 µm diameter for the Premium & Premium+ variants. A new square fibre is also available and this provides the greatest efficiency for surface treatment applications. Compared with a round fibre, a square fibre can handle up to a 51 % larger surface area, and with the square geometry large areas are processed more efficiently especially when overlapping is required.
ROFIN DQ series lasers, recently introduced to the market, have opened up new possibilities in the field of industrial surface treatment. The first application was cleaning rail tracks on a moving train, but the laser quickly found new applications in areas such as ablating the metallic coatings of tailored blanks, create edge isolation on solar cells and for processing of flat screens.

ROFIN offers a complete range of lasers including CO2, Vanadate and Fibre Lasers. ROFIN also provides solutions for laser marking, cutting and welding applications.

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