Innovation Brief from Samco Machinery: Strut Channel Roll Forming Line with Material Handling System

TORONTO – This is a continuous and high performance roll forming line designed to produce 12-gauge strut channels in a post-punch, post-cut, continuous operation with variable speeds up to 100 feet per minute. A non-powered run-out slant table with pneumatic side discharge automatically "kicks" finished channel to the strand conveyor where it is bundle stacked.

Key Features:

- 10K double ended uncoiler with hydraulic mandrel expansion.

- Universal bottom driven roll former.

- Flying hydraulic punch press with closed loop press accelerator.

- 28 pass rafted roll former with gear box drive at every station.

- Complete combo roll tooling set for all strut sizes.

- Flying hydraulic cut-off press with closed loop press accelerator.

- Strand conveyor for manual bundle stacking.

- Additional manual strapping required.

A short video of this machine is available on YouTube at:

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