Inline Pulsation Dampener settles pipeline pressure peaks.

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Based on double hose structure with expansive inner hose, reinforced outer hose, and compressed air in between, Flowrox Expulse absorbs up to 90% of pulsations, settling restless pipes, pressure peaks, and uneven flows. Product is naturally resistant to wear, corrosion, and most chemicals. Designed to clean itself on every pulse, dampener does not collect sediment or particles. It also compensates for misalignments of pipeline and provides flexible connection to pump.

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Flowrox Launches the Flowrox Expulse(TM) Pulsation Dampener Which Settles Pipeline Pressure Peaks and Uneven Flow

Flowrox presents a brand new Pulsation Dampener, called Flowrox Expulse, which quiets noisy process pipes while settling pressure peaks and uneven flow.

We all know that a fluent process without any distractions is the ultimate goal for any modern plant. One of the distractions can be caused by pulsation, which is a common issue with several positive displacement pumps and can result to annoying noise and vibrations in the process pipeline. It can also potentially lead to breakages over time.

Flowrox Expulse is a flexible inline pulsation dampener, which settles restless pipes, pressure peaks and uneven flows. The design is based on a double hose structure with an expansive inner hose, reinforced outer hose and compressed air in between the two. Due to its structure, Flowrox Expulse is able to absorb up to 90 percentages of pulsations and even more in the right process conditions. The dampener also enables energy savings in pumping by reducing vibrations and by temporarily storing pressure to the flexible inner hose.

Flowrox Expulse does not include breaking diaphragms or bladders and is naturally resistant to wear, corrosion and most chemicals, giving it a long product lifecycle.

Being self-cleaning, Flowrox Expulse does not collect sediment or particles as it cleans itself on every pulse. Due to its flexibility, Flowrox Expulse compensates for possible misalignments of the pipeline and provides flexible connection to the pump, which will come in handy especially during the pump maintenance. The dampener also reduces the hammering of the pipeline and pump and thus enables increased pump bearing and gearbox lifetime.

Flowrox Expulse is easy to install on any pulsating pump type from any manufacturer in the market.

Further information: Markus Rossi, Product Manager, Pumps, tel. +358 (0)201 113 311

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