InkSure and Demax Commended for Best Applied Security Product by the IHMA

NEW YORK - InkSure Technologies Inc., in conjunction with Demax-Holograms PLC, has been commended by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) for the Best Applied Security Product of 2011. The commendation was received at the Excellence in Holography Awards ceremony on November 10, 2011 in Las Vegas.

InkSure and Demax received the commendation for their joint offering, supplying machine-readable holograms for the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency's vignette (window sticker).

The hologram in the vignette is read by the aid of invisible chemical markers called taggants. Using taggant technology to read documents through car windows was previously thought impossible. The product is a technological breakthrough for machine readable taggant technology, nano technology and holography. Using taggant technology to make holograms machine-readable through car windshields provides a cheaper alternative to the current RFID - based offerings in the market.

Tal Gilat, president & CEO of InkSure, said: "InkSure is pleased to provide governments with a solution to improve motor vehicle regulation and ensure that all revenues are collected from the issuing of car window documents. Car window documents issued by governments are counterfeited regularly which not only deprives governments of revenues, it also puts the public in danger."

Valentin Monovsky, CEO of Demax, said: "Holograms are an important component of the anti-counterfeiting security used in Bulgaria's vignettes. We are proud to be working with InkSure to enhance this security offering."

Ian Lancaster, General Secretary of IHMA, said: "This commendation to Demax & InkSure in the IHMA annual Awards for Excellence is particularly deserved as this project is an example of the kind of collaboration which results in a multi-functional hologram, delivering additional and valuable functionality to clients. This demonstrates how holograms can continue to be the number one overt feature on secured documents - by becoming more than just the overt feature. Congratulations to Demax and InkSure for this innovative project."

About InkSure Technologies Inc.

InkSure Technologies is the industry leader in machine-readable technology for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. InkSure's taggant technology is applied to tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually. The company targets a number of industry sectors, including finance, government, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

In 2011, InkSure was named one of the Top 25 Suppliers of Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Security Technologies by Global Identification Magazine and received a commendation from the IHMA for Best Applied Security Product. InkSure's CEO, Mr. Tal Gilat, was awarded the 2011 ID People Americas Award for his contributions to the anti-counterfeiting market.

InkSure is based in New York City, SEC regulated, and publicly traded under the symbol INKS.OB.

About Demax PLC

Demax PLC is the most modern printing house for forms and security papers in Bulgaria. The key element in our strategy for protection of documents and trademarks is the combination of different printing technologies with the new optical technology for synthesizing and application of DOVE - our own unique system LIDOgram. Creating complete and complicated security products we serve governments, private business and international customers.

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