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Suitable for printing graphics on light-colored or white items up to 2 in. in height, PowerJet supports 4 color processes, gradients, and multi-color jobs. Unit has 8.25 x 11.69 in. tooling table and integrated part heating system, which maximizes adhesion quality while eliminating need for pre-treating most materials. Automatic platform height adjust raises or lowers part for optimal distribution of ink, while RIP software enables image positioning, ink laydown control, and color adjustment.

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PowerJet Inkjet Printer for Promotional Products from Inkcups Now Corp

Inkcups Now Corporation has recently introduced the PowerJet compact inkjet printer - a small yet powerful promotional product printer. It is ideal for any graphic printed on light-colored or white items up to 2 inches in height, and offers incredible benefits when printing 4 color process, gradients or multi-color jobs.

The PowerJet has a tooling table sized 8.25" by 11.69" and an integrated part heating system, which increases adhesion quality while eliminating the need for pre-treating most materials. The inkjet printer also features an automatic platform height adjust that will raise or lower the part to provide optimal distribution of ink. The PowerJet inkjet is equipped with RIP software to enable easy image positioning, ink laydown control and color adjustment. The PowerJet's small size allows for excellent portability. This affordable inkjet printer is great for running production, making sample prints on pens, bottle caps, dog tags, coasters, pins, poker chips, or starting a small business.

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The PowerJet flatbed inkjet printer is also available in the configuration for edible items such as promotional candy, personalized mints, cookies, cakes, chocolates, lollypops and more. All components of the PowerJet edible inks are FDA approved.

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About Inkcups Now Corp:

Inkcups Now Corp provides comprehensive solutions for the specialty printing of promotional products and label-free apparel, as well as for a wide range of industrial and automotive parts, sporting goods, electronic and medical devices. The company offers equipment, consumables and expertise in pad printing, laser plate-making, inkjet printing and screen printing. Direct sales offices are located in the USA (Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Rhode Island, Arizona, Iowa), Canada (Ontario) and Honduras; additional warehouses are located in Italy, China and Hong Kong. Technical support is offered in English and Spanish.

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