Ink Jet Printers offer 4 in. printhead.

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Model IJ/768 printhead for IJ/3000(TM) Impulse Jet printers delivers high-resolution printing of alphanumeric information and graphics at production line speeds up to 200 fpm. For true-type fonts and logos, it provides 192 vertical dpi, and for bar codes, it provides 200 horizontal dpi. Printers offer touch screen controls, networking connectivity, automatic cleaning, and around-the-clock monitoring and diagnostic functions.

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Diagraph® Introduces 4-Inch Printhead For IJ 3000(TM) Impulse Jet High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

St. Louis, MO. . .Diagraph introduces a new printhead for its new generation IJ/3000(TM) Impulse Jet large character ink jet printers. With the addition of the IJ/768 (4") printhead, customers have four IJ/3000 Impulse Jet printhead choices to satisfy virtually any marking or coding application: IJ/96 (3/4"), IJ/192 (1"), IJ/352 (2") and IJ/768 (4").

The new IJ/768 printhead delivers sharp, clear, high-resolution printing of alphanumeric information and graphics at production line speeds up to 200 fpm. For true-type fonts and logos, it provides 192 vertical dpi. For bar codes, such as UPC/EAN and SCC-14, it provides 200 horizontal dpi.

Like other IJ/3000 Impulse Jet printheads, the new IJ/768 offers an automatic cleaning feature which allows operators to program the unit to self-clean at any selected times over a 24-hour period. At the programmed times, the pump and vacuum device in the central ink delivery system (CIDS) are automatically activated to remove accumulated contaminants from the faceplate of the printhead and transport them to a reservoir for future disposal. The automatic cleaning system enhances preventive maintenance, improves print quality consistency, and prolongs printhead life.

The IJ/3000 allows users the flexibility of multi-technology performance. It is engineered to drive either high-resolution Impulse Jet printheads, such as the IJ/768, Diagraph's patented Integrated Valve printheads, or the PA/5000LT Label Printer/Applicator.

The IJ/3000 Impulse Jet offers unsurpassed "smart" features: touch screen controls, worldwide networking connectivity, around-the-clock monitoring and diagnostic functions, high-resolution printing, and convenience features such as automatic cleaning.

The touch screen allows operators to control the system with the touch of a finger and enjoy previously unimagined levels of convenience and productivity. The graphical user interface visually displays menus and commands so operators can enter messages and codes in minutes. And batch codes can be changed during a run, without interrupting production.

The IJ/3000 Impulse Jet has a built-in high-speed Ethernet connection that permits networking with another printer on the other side of the factory, or on the other side of the world. For multi-location manufacturing customers with constantly changing batch codes, this smart feature is invaluable for making changes and checking status. The system is designed to work with Web browsers (including Netscape and Internet Explorer), existing local area networks (device net, arc net, etc.), or wireless (radio frequency) using off-the-shelf converters.

Another smart feature is 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics. Operating on PCs, PLCs, and LANs, it can be used to obtain up-to-the-minute system status. The IJ/3000 Impulse Jet can even be programmed to monitor ink levels and provide an alert when the supply needs to be replenished.

Like all Diagraph ink jet printing systems, the IJ/3000 Impulse Jet is built to last, with minimal maintenance, even in hostile industrial environments. It provides reliable performance in all kinds of conditions-hot, cold, wet and dry.

For more information, call Marketing Services for Diagraph Large Character Ink Jet Systems at 800-722-1125 or send e-mails to

Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., manufactures and distributes automated industrial marking systems and supplies. Primary product lines include: small character ink jet systems, large character ink jet systems, and automated labeling systems. With sales and service offices located across the United States and throughout the world, Diagraph is a leading international supplier of product identification marking systems.

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