Ink Jet Printer utilizes wax pellets.

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Model IJ/3000(TM) Wax Jet operates up to 4 Wax Jet printheads on 2 production lines. Printhead melts solid wax pellets into liquid form and delivers ink through heated transfer tube to printhead. Wax pellets are clean, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Character size ranges from 0.1-0.4 in. at production speeds over 300 fpm, with throw distance of ½ in. from substrate. Suited for nonporous substrates, unit can print 1-5 lines of text at vertical print resolution of 80 dpi.

Original Press Release:

New! IJ/3000(TM) Wax Jet High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer from Diagraph®

St. Louis, MO...Diagraph introduces the latest generation in its IJ/3000 line of ink jet printers-the IJ/3000(TM) Wax Jet.

The IJ/3000 Wax Jet System can operate up to four Wax Jet printheads on up to two production lines. It utilizes a printhead that takes solid wax pellets, melts them into liquid form and delivers this ink through the heated transfer tube to the printhead. After the printhead ejects the droplets, the liquid re-solidifies on the substrate immediately. The wax pellets are clean, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are the only consumable. No solvent is required.

The IJ/3000 Wax Jet is designed for clean, fast high-resolution small character performance on non-porous substrates such as plastic, chipboard, and films. Character size ranges from .1" to .4" at production speeds over 300 fpm, with a throw distance of ½" from the substrate. The IJ/3000 Wax Jet printhead is capable of printing one to five lines of text at a vertical print resolution of 80 dpi. The system offers a very low overall operating cost, printing 10,000 products for under 45 cents, based on an 11 digit code printed (i.e. Sell By July 1).

The controller has a Graphical User Interface and Color Touch Screen, it stores up to 500 messages and has Ethernet and Serial communication ports.

The IJ/3000 controller allows users the flexibility of multi-printhead performance. It is engineered to drive either the new high-resolution Wax Jet printhead, Impulse Jet printheads or Diagraph's patented Integrated Valve printheads. It will even drive print & apply systems and soon RFID systems.

The touch screen allows operators to control the system with the touch of a finger and enjoy previously unimagined levels of convenience and productivity. The graphical user interface visually displays menus and commands so operators can enter messages and codes in minutes. And batch codes can be changed during a run, without interrupting production.

The IJ/3000 Wax Jet has a built-in high-speed Ethernet connection that permits networking with another printer on the other side of the factory, or on the other side of the world. For multi-location manufacturing customers with constantly changing batch codes, this smart feature is invaluable for making changes and checking status. The system is designed to work with Web browsers (including Netscape and Internet Explorer), existing local area networks (device net, arc net, etc.), or wireless (radio frequency) using off-the-shelf converters.

Another smart feature is 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics. Operating on PCs, PLCs, and LANs, it can be used to obtain up-to-the-minute system status. The IJ/3000 Wax Jet can even be programmed to monitor ink levels and provide an alert when the supply needs to be replenished.

Like all Diagraph ink jet printing systems, the IJ/3000 Wax Jet is built to last, with minimal maintenance, even in hostile industrial environments. It provides reliable performance in all kinds of conditions-hot, cold, wet and dry.

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Diagraph, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., manufactures and distributes automated industrial marking, coding, and labeling systems and supplies. Primary product lines include: small character ink jet systems, large character ink jet systems, and automated labeling systems. With sales and service offices located across the United States and throughout the world, Diagraph is a leading international supplier of product identification marking systems.

DIAGRAPH is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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