Ink Jet Analysis Tool measures inkjet drop formation.

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Drop Watcher III provides automated, repeatable, and exact measurements of ink jet drop formation and flight characteristics for any jet-able fluid. Precision X-Y motion control sub system automatically moves camera and microscope across all nozzles in print head to enable complete characterization of print head's jetting properties. Mechanical stages allow precise control of print head roll, pitch, and yaw relative to focal point of camera.

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imaging Technology international Introduces Automated Ink Jet Analysis Tool

February 3, 2005 - Boulder, Colorado - imaging Technology international (iTi), a global provider of industrial ink jet technology and systems, announces a new analytical measurement tool, the Drop Watcher III. The integrated system provides automated, repeatable and exact measurements of ink jet drop formation and flight characteristics from a wide range of print heads for any jet-able fluid.

The innovative Drop Watcher III system offers precise and reliable measurements of digital jet-able fluids and can be configured to meet custom testing requirements for a variety of industries. The Drop Watcher III incorporates a precision X-Y motion control sub system that automatically moves the camera and microscope across all the nozzles in the print head (typically 128-1024 nozzles per head) to enable complete characterization of the print head's jetting properties.

The microscope, camera and LED strobe are accurately positioned and focused at each nozzle, and automatically measure drop formation time, drop size, velocity, tail merge and flight time to the substrate. The system also includes the new iTi proprietary mechanical stages for precise control of print head roll, pitch and yaw relative to the focal point of the camera. The 50 mm, monochrome CCD camera and digital image capture allow quick, accurate and consistent measurement analysis of both opaque and transparent fluids.

The advanced Drop Watcher III software permits the user to select measurements which are automatically recorded to a spreadsheet for further analysis. The system has adjustable magnification and contrast with a large field of view and range of measurements. The strobe delay and pulse width are also user-adjustable for viewing and measuring various stages of the fluid's drop formation. The automated Drop Watcher III imaging technology eliminates the need for operator intervention, saving significant time over manual drop analysis tools and increasing productivity.

iTi's ink jet analysis tool will debut at the Information Management Institute's (IMI) 14th Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference, February 7-9, 2005. President of IMI, Mr. Al Keene, notes, "iTi is recognized as a leading supplier of ink drop visualization systems and other ink jet development tools, and has demonstrated their systems at a number of IMI conferences to the community of ink jet development professionals." He adds, "We are delighted they have chosen the 14th Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference to demo their recently announced Drop Watcher III, an advanced drop analysis system that automates the measurement and analyses of all nozzles in a print head."

imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi), is an established leader in ink jet integration, with a 12-year track record of engineering, developing, and manufacturing industrial ink jet deposition and printing solutions. iTi offers a comprehensive range of ink jet development tools that deliver outstanding performance and cost-effective operation for high-value production processes. Founded in 1992, iTi is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

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