Ink Diffuser provides maximum light output.

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Ink diffuser is designed for backlighted signs, providing maximum light output while eliminating hot spots from high-intensity light sources. Liquid mixture is applied as part of screen printing process and is compatible with many inks and adhesives.

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Mar-Tek Industries Inc. Develops New Ink Diffuser

Diffuser Is More Economical And Of A Higher Quality Than Those Offered By Competitors ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Mar-Tek Industries Inc., a company specializing in label and decal design, precision screen printing, and custom fabrication for the petroleum, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and real estate industries, recently developed a specially formulated ink diffuser that provides maximum light output for backlighted signs while eliminating "hot spots" from high-intensity light sources. The ink diffuser has a registered proprietary patent pending. A customer request to illuminate a large symbol in all light conditions on a piece of outdoor equipment to indicate the equipment was running led to the creation of the new diffuser. The size and shape of the symbol, combined with the bright output of LED lights, made it possible to see the individual lights behind the symbol. Mar-Tek's challenge was to capture the light from the LEDs and then diffuse it, maintaining the brightness of the symbol, but eliminating the appearance of the lights behind it. Mar-Tek tried various diffusing films and inks and found that some didn't reduce the appearance of the red LED lights, while others diffused too much of the lights' brightness, reducing the lighted appearance of the symbol. Rather than select a mediocre product on the market, Mar-Tek chose to create its own diffuser. After a year of experimenting with inks and other agents, Mar-Tek successfully developed a liquid mixture that maximizes LED light output for backlighted signs and symbols without allowing the brightness of individual lights to be seen. Mar-Tek's diffuser is applied as part of the screen printing process and has been tested and proven completely compatible with many inks and adhesives. According to Neil Daley, vice president of marketing at Mar-Tek and leader of the three-person diffuser development team, Mar-Tek's diffuser process and mixture benefits current and future clients in a variety of ways. "Our diffuser is of a higher quality than those offered by our competitors because of the light output and diffusion results it achieves," Daley said. "It's also less expensive than commonly used diffuser laminating films. At Mar-Tek, we use a liquid diffuser mixture that can be applied only to the areas of a sign where it's specifically needed. By using less material, we're able to pass cost savings along to our clients." About Mar-Tek Industries Inc. Established in 1987, Mar-Tek Industries Inc. produces custom labels, faceplates, overlays, graphics, warnings, symbols and IDs for leading petroleum, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and real estate companies in the United States and around the world. Mar-Tek also fabricates and reproduces close-tolerance screen printing on plastic and metal. Rigorous in-house testing along with the company's ISO 9002 registration and UL-registered label constructions ensure clients are receiving the highest quality product possible. Image Tek, a spin-off of Mar-Tek, began operating separately from Mar-Tek's core business in 1998 to more fully develop its unique capabilities of custom fabrication, machining, and virtually contamination-free coating, spraying and testing. With top-of-the-line clean rooms and processing equipment, Image Tek is able to serve clients in the medical, defense and other industries that require contamination-free services for their products. For more information, please call 303-789-4067 or visit

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