Ink Code Marking Machines have wash down capability.

Press Release Summary:

Sprinter ink code-marking machines can be modified with necessary corrosion-resistant parts to provide wash-down capability. This allows operator to steam clean machines with no rust or corrosion concerns. Products are suited for applications in pharmaceutical, food processing, and sterile products industries that have environments where processing equipment must be sterilized after processing run.

Original Press Release:

Sprinter "Wash Down" Ink Code-Marking Machines

August 12, 2003

Sprinter Marking is pleased to announce that we can now offer the complete line of Sprinter ink code-marking machines with "wash down" capability. The standard Sprinter machines can be modified with the necessary corrosion resistant parts to provide this feature with minimal additional expense.

Many applications in the various industries (pharmaceutical, food processing, sterile products, etc.) have environments where the processing equipment must be sterilized after a processing run. This new feature to the equipment allows the operator to steam clean the machine with no rust or corrosion concerns.

Sprinter wash down models have been in service in for several years at a west coast plant without any problems in operation after clean up. The processing environment is a constant 40 degrees F with high relative humidity. Steam is used daily to wash down the machines. These units are used to apply a date code to a container surface; marking is done to the bottom of the container.

Attached is a picture of a Sprinter ink code-marking machine illustrating operation in a wet environment. Additionally a Model Data Sheet is enclosed for background on the Sprinter line of marking machines.

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