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Injection Molding System processes medical parts.

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Nov 01, 2010 - Suited for cleanroom medical molding, all-electric 32-cavity H-MED(TM) AE handles medical parts weighing 0.18 g with cycle times of less than 5.0 seconds. System includes Husky Altanium® temperature controller, UltraSync(TM)-E hot runner technology, and Shotscope NX for process monitoring, as well as fully integrated auxiliaries, such as encapsulated conveyor system and hopper loader from Plastics Systems, GreenBox Minibox 3/T6/HPF thermolator, and MED50 Clean Box for molding area.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. - Bolton, ON, CAN

Original Press Release

Husky Unveils New H-MED AE System for Cleanroom Medical Molding at K2010

Press release date: Oct 27, 2010

Düsseldorf, Germany - Husky Injection Molding Systems today unveiled its new H-MED(TM) AE (all-electric) injection molding system, a high precision, energy efficient platform for cleanroom medical molding. Demonstrated at the K2010 tradeshow (Düsseldorf, Germany, October 27 - November 3), H-MED AE offers a complete solution that is optimized for the specific needs of molding high quality medical parts.

"We are committed to the medical market and have listened to feedback from our customers who are looking for a complete medical solution that is efficient, precise and reliable," said John Galt, Husky's President and CEO. "This new product builds upon our position as a global leader in medical hot runners and controllers. Our goal is to provide an optimized medical system that will help our customers in this market to be more successful and competitive."

The 32-cavity H-MED AE system running at the Husky booth is producing an intravenous Breather Cap medical part weighing 0.18 grams and running at less than 5.0 second cycles. The show system includes a Husky Altanium® temperature controller and UltraSync(TM)-E hot runner technology, as well as fully integrated auxiliaries. This is all monitored through Shotscope NX®, Husky's process and production monitoring software.

Complete integrated system
H-MED AE offers a complete integrated system, which is optimized for the specific needs of medical molding. Providing all of these elements ensures complete melt stream management from pellet to part. By taking responsibility for the entire system, Husky is able to offer the enhanced process stability, improved repeatability and superior control that is required for the most challenging medical parts. All functions within the workcell are managed through Husky's Polaris(TM) Control, which centralizes operation of the entire injection molding system.

Depth of experience in medical applications
Building on broad application knowledge in medical hot runners and controllers, Husky's H-MED AE system provides the process control, cleanliness and repeatability required for medical applications. This includes leading hot runner modeling and simulation capability, as well as extensive experience dealing with difficult-to-mold engineering resins.

Extensive global network
With its global service and support network, Husky is able to provide tailored local support, as well as the ability to manage large global projects. Husky offers the experience to keep its H-MED AE systems running at peak efficiency through a range of after-sales services that are available to customers globally, including asset management and manufacturing advisory services.

"We have a long history with Husky and have collaborated with them on several projects," said Jeffrey Miller, Tooling Engineer for medical device manufacturer ICU Medical. "Our ongoing relationship has definitely helped us to reach some ambitious goals. We are excited that Husky has expanded its offerings in medical with the introduction of a complete system optimized for medical molding."

Husky's H-MED AE is on display at K2010 at Husky's booth, Hall 13, Stand A59.

Details for the system are below:
Machine: HMEDLL100E RSE28B/24
Mold: Tech Mold 32-cavity mold
Hot runner: Husky 32-drop U350 UltraSync-E
Controller: Husky Altanium Matrix
Part weight: 0.18 grams
Application: Medical part, IV Breather Cap
Resin: PP Basell Homopolymer Rad Resistent
Cycle time: Less than 5.0 second cycle
Process monitoring: Shotscope NX
Auxiliaries: Encapsulated conveyor system and hopper loader from Plastics Systems; GreenBox Minibox 3/T6/HPF thermolator and MED50 Clean Box for molding area

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