Injection Molding Machine has 131 x 162 x 166 in. footprint.

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Designed for high-production rubber molding, CMS (Compact Molding System) 4-station rotary injection press is equipped with REP injection technology and 40-ton clamping mechanism. Each station has 20.07 x 14.17 in. platens with bottom and side ejector options available on load/unload station. Featuring touchscreen controller to monitor and track all press parameters, 160-ton press is available in 1,000/2,000 cc shot capacity models.

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Four-Station Rotary Injection Molding Machine from REP

Highest productivity in the rubber industry

REP Corporation introduces its CMS (Compact Molding System), a four-station rotary injection press for high production rubber molding. This 160-ton press is available in 1000/2000cc shot capacity models and has an extremely compact footprint on the factory floor, just 131"W x 162" D x 166" H. Equipped with REP injection technology, the CMS allows up to 65% higher part productivity, compared to comparably sized single-station presses, even those of much high injection tonnage. Thus, the savings are substantial on many levels. Faster throughput combines with the non-stop productivity of a rotary machine in this new system from REP.

Cure time stability is afforded by smaller molds and shorter cure times result from the compact design, both in the injection head and the mold arrangement. Higher injection speeds and pressures are achieved by travel over shorter distances, resulting in enhanced output for the molder. Mold changeover and overall mold handling kinematics were a key focus of the design, in this unique press from REP. A single operator can run the entire machine with limited movements.

A superior part quality is achieved, furthermore, from the combination of the 40-ton clamping mechanism, reduced in-mold holding time, patented REP injection, wherein the plasticizing of the material is monitored and precisely controlled with minimum pre-cure prior to injection, smaller molds for better temperature uniformity and the higher degree of control provided by the onboard Thermotrac® and Curetrac® software, both REP developments.

CMS comprises one injection station, one load/unload station and two cure stations. Each station has 510mm x 360mm (20.07" x 14.17") platens with bottom and side ejector options available on the load/unload station.

A simple and easy-to-use touch screen controller is onboard to monitor and track all press parameters.

For more information, please contact: REP Corporation, 8N740 Tameling Court, Bartlett, IL 60103-8146. Phone: 847-697-7210. Fax: 847-697-6829. Web: Email: Attention: Tim Graham, President.

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