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Along with XTREEM® PC-based control system and multi-pump, digital hydraulics, vertical-insert Magna V combines digital positioning and overlapping functions with open-access, tiebar-less C-frame design. Injection unit sizes range from 0.7-54 oz. Offering clamp forces from 30-280 tons, unit can be equipped with stationary, shuttle, or rotary tables. Digital transducers, immune to EMI/RFI, provide positioning accuracy of ±0.001 in. on each critical axis.

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Enhanced New Cincinnati Milacron Magna V Sets Highest Standard for Vertical Injection Molding Machines

New performance tuning reduces cycle time, changeover and setup

May 2005 - The new performance-tuned Cincinnati Milacron Magna V vertical-insert injection molding machine combines digital positioning and "overlapping functions" with an open-access C-frame design that gives molders exceptional flexibility for "best-in-class" speed and precision. The Magna V provides advanced Milacron technologies, such as the XTREEM® PC-based control system, digital hydraulics, and fast cycling features, all in a tiebar-less C frame design that provides up to 30% greater mold space for the money. Ergonomic design and the latest ANSI-compliant safety features provide unmatched operator friendliness.

Magna V presses offer the widest range of clamp force in the industry of 30, 50, 80, 130, 200 and 280 tons with stationary, shuttle or rotary tables. Injection unit sizes range from 0.7 oz. to 54 oz. Multi-component configurations are available, as well as vertical/vertical. According to Tony Marchelletta, Director of Vertical Product Technology at Milacron, process-specific packages are available for the machine which can include golf balls, wire and cable molding, reel-to-reel terminals, stamping encapsulation, needles, tube and hose connections, coil encapsulation, and high speed molding.

A variety of design improvements to the Magna V shorten both cycle time and changeover. The low, large-diameter, wide-open table is designed specifically to meet the preferences of the North American molder, according to Marchelletta. The rotary table has been performance-tuned for faster rotation with higher torque motors, improved gearing and closed-loop control. "The innovative tiebar-less C-frame design is ideal for use with quick-mold-change systems and allows molds and core cylinders to extend outside the platens, increasing Magna V mold capacity up to 30% over toggle and tie-bar design machines," Marchelletta adds. "This lets processors use larger tooling on a smaller tonnage insert machine. It also streamlines mold handling, and improves access to mold cooling and electrical connections."

Cycle time reductions of two seconds or more are possible using a new adjustable-stroke safety gate, available as an option. The design minimizes the distance the gate moves on each cycle, while maintaining OSHA-approved coverage of the lower mold halves. Hydraulic parting line adjustment reduces changeover time by setting nozzle height through the control as part of the mold setup file, eliminating manual adjustment of the injection unit.

The Magna V uses an advanced multi-pump hydraulic system to provide more flow for faster clamp speeds, tonnage build times, and concurrent axis motions. A servo-controlled pump minimizes energy usage, supplemented by a fixed volume pump for eject and core functions. This provides unlimited flow for ejection sequences, core pulls and auxiliary functions. Rapid traverse cylinders and pre-fill clamp design enable fast clamp speeds and rapid tonnage build for improved cycle times.

Digital transducers, immune to EMIRFI "noise," provide positioning accuracy of ±0.001" for each critical axis. This allows precise, profiled control of injection, sled, clamp, ejector and table motions. The digital transducers also reduce setup time by eliminating the need to manually set position sensors around the machine. Along with a closed-loop hydraulic clamp, the transducers minimize changeover time and allow for faster cycles when compared to vertical-toggle designs.

Rotary table Magna models come standard with a perimeter light curtain system that stops table motion when anything penetrates the curtain. This permits 'one-touch' cycle initiation, once inserts are loaded, freeing up the operator to work on related procedures such as part inspection or palletizing while the table and clamp are in motion. The light curtains also allow multiple operators to safely work around a rotary table.

Special emphasis on ergonomics and safety make the Magna V presses exceptionally operator-friendly. Ergonomic innovations and improvements include: open, unobstructed table access; 10% lower table height and adjustable-height operator station for optimized comfort; and optical switches for ease of operation. "Magna Vertical safety features meet the latest ANSI standards, which include: safety E-stop button, a guard that automatically covers nozzle during operator exposure, wrap-around gate for operator safety in the mold clamping area, hydraulic counterbalance valve circuitry, and a mechanical jam bar," states Bob Strickley, Director of Marketing at Milacron.

One of industry's most versatile and powerful controls for injection molding, Milacron's PC-based XTREEM is ideal for insert molding, providing easy configuration for high-speed, automated control over multiple functions - rotary or shuttle table, multiple mold halves, insert placement and removal devices, finishing and decorating stations, and other downstream equipment. To reduce cycle time, the XTREEM control provides three-step profiling of clamp opening and closing, as well a timed mold protection system that senses misplaced inserts. The PC-based control is Ethernet capable, enabling on-line diagnostic support from Milacron's process experts and 24-hour parts availability from ServTek.

For more information on Magna V machines, contact Tony Marchelletta at 513-536-2000 or 1-888-MILACRON (645-2276) or fax 1-800-282-8082. Visit Milacron's home page at for a detailed look at solutions that build productivity through advanced technology.

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