Injection Machines use barrier screws for melt uniformity.

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Maxima two-platen injection machines are available in 6 sizes with clamp force rating of 2,750-7,820 kN. Wide-platen configurations accommodate molds that normally require tie-bar spacing of larger machines. With footprint of 6,588 x 2,251 x 2,300 mm, smallest machine accommodates molds weighing up to 3,762 kg with 650 mm thickness, with tie-bar spacing of 915 x 660 mm and clamp stroke of 1,060 mm. Offerings include direct-acting ram and closed-loop digital position control.

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Small Maxima Two-Platen Injection Machines Combine High Performance and Flexibility in a Compact Footprint

Standard barrier screw improves mixing and melt uniformity. Optional electric screw drive slashes energy consumption, cuts cycle time by allowing overlapped machine functions.

April 2003 - Ferromatik Milacron North America is introducing a new line of small Maxima two-platen injection machines in conjunction with NPE. The new machines combine a compact footprint with short cycle time and energy conservation to deliver high-performance molding capability in an economical package. Six sizes are available with 2750 to 7820 kN clamp force, and three models are wide-platen configuration, allowing them to accommodate molds that normally require the tie-bar spacing of much larger machines. An optional electric screw drive further minimizes electric consumption and allows reduced cycle time by overlapping screw and clamp functions.

In a machine footprint of just 6588 x 2251 x 2300mm LWH, the smallest Maxima is a wide-platen configuration, allowing it to accommodate molds up to 3762 kg weight and 650mm thickness, with tie-bar spacing of 915 x 660 mm and clamp stroke of 1060mm.

The optional electric screw drive is a perfect complement to the machine's already-short tonnage-build time of about 0.5 sec and fast clamp speed of 1143 mm/sec, allowing simultaneous clamp, eject and plasticating functions. In addition, the electric screw drive reduces energy consumption to about 70% of that needed for a conventional hydraulic machine, dramatically cutting operating costs.

Two-platen design cuts cycle time
The Maxima uses clever design concepts that improve operator friendliness and productivity, while keeping the machine very simple to maintain. The Maxima:

ofeatures significant increases in clamp stroke and daylight within a much smaller machine footprint, across the product line;

oallows much faster tonnage build times, with drastically reduced oil reservoir requirements;

oeliminates the four tie rod tonnage-build cylinders and their associated seals/plumbing common in other two-platen machines; also eliminates potential oil leaks in mold area;

ohas an open one-piece base to simplify shipping and setup, while allowing tri-directional part removal;

ooffers a wide range of international injection unit sizes from 120 to 10,100, as well as multicomponent, coinjection and Milacron's patented Monosandwich molding.

Direct-acting ram ensures quick, precise mold clamping
The small Maxima machine builds tonnage with a pancake-shaped ram, mounted in the moving platen. The large surface area of the ram distributes clamp force evenly across the back of the die plate, similar to a conventional three-platen machine.

Mold height is set via closed-loop digital position control of a single pancake cylinder. This is simpler and more accurate than setting mold height with four tie rod-mounted cylinders and four transducers, according to Milacron. The use of a single cylinder for clamp tonnage also reduces machine complexity and service/parts issues.

Because of the minimal clamp-up oil requirement, the Maxima 310 has an oil reservoir of just 659 liters, less than half the size of a conventional, comparable hydraulic machine. Advanced proportional hydraulics ensure quiet, efficient operation.

Efficient wide-platen designs
Three models of the small Maxima (310, 580, 880) are wide platen designs, providing exceptionally generous tie-bar spacing within an overall small machine footprint. The greater tie bar spacing allows large molds that would typically run in much higher tonnage machines - for the sake of the tie bar spacing - to run in a smaller Maxima. For example, the Maxima 880, with tie bar space of 1400 x 1080mm, can accommodate molds that typically run in 1100-ton machines, saving shop floor space, operating cost and machine investment.

Patented XTREEM(TM) PC-based control
Rounding out the new package is Milacron's XTREEM(TM) open-architecture PC-based control. Advanced control features include digital position feedback on clamp, injection unit and ejector, along with fully programmable hydraulic core pull on the moving platen, core pull on the fly, eject on the fly/independent ejection, and closed-loop proportional low-pressure mold protection. In optional NT configuration, the XTREEM control offers all the functionality of an office PC with Windows® NT, Internet Explorer®, E-mail, simple Ethernet networking, and a full range of other capabilities.

Standard MeltStar barrier screw improves colorant dispersion
Milacron's MeltStar barrier screw provides the ultimate in mixing with excellent throughput. The MeltStar screw replaces the compression section of a conventional feedscrew with two channels that separate solid and melted material. The screw's geometry ensures solids are held together and remain more fully in contact with the barrel surface - for more efficient melting - rather than being intermixed with melted material.

For more information on the full Maxima product line, including machines to 6000 metric tons, visit Milacron's web site at

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