Injection Blow Molder produces bellows for shock absorbers.

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Featuring accumulator head with max weight of 80 g, Pressblower DSE 80 is suited for processing compact CVJ boots and jounce bumpers. Gripper unit is driven electrically in horizontal and vertical directions. When top cutting device is actuated, trimming of both ends takes place simultaneously. To save space, control cabinet is mounted to machine frame, and operation terminal is ergonomically mounted to swivel arm.

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Pressblower Injection Blow Molder DSE 80

FGH SYSTEMS announces new model machine from OSSBERGER to be exhibited at FGH Systems Booth #2551 at the NPE 2012 Show. Information on the OSSBERGER Pressblower Injection Blow Molder DSE 80 machine and product is below. FGH SYSTEMS INC is a manufacturer of extrusion blow molds, blow mold sampling and development, and representative for OSSBERGER in the USA. Pressblower Injection Blow Molder DSE 80
The Pressblower DSE 80 product range is quite similar to the one of a Pressblower DSE 140, extending the same as briefly explained below: CV joint boots for drivelines:
These products will be more compact, lighter and more space-saving in the future, with rising quality demands at the same time, particularly regarding the wall thickness tolerances. Steering bellows:
The range of the Pressblower DSE 80 allows the production of steering bellows on the same machine - as it is with the Pressblower DSE 140 already. Shock absorber applications:
As generally known, the Pressblower process is referred to for producing dust bellows and sleeves for shock absorbers in a good proven way. As a new development the jounce bumpers for suspension struts used for shock absorbers will also be made of thermoplastic copolyester elastomers. Excessively high demands are raised for their product quality that can only be achieved with a most accurate blow molding process, i.e. the Pressblower injection blow molding process of Ossberger. The Pressblower injection blow molder DSE 80 is the result of a consequent and continued development of former models, and in particular of the Pressblower DSE 140, with a number of novelties that are most advantageous for plastic transformers: The size of the accumulator head with a max. weight of appr. 80 grams. suits the products of the future, i.e. compact CVJ boots and jounce bumpers. The drawing unit is an electrically controlled axis. The gripper unit will be driven electrically in horizontal as well as in vertical direction. A top cutting device can be actuated. In this case the trimming of both ends takes place simultaneously what can lead to a cycle time reduction. To keep mould expenses low it is ensured that existing injection molds, blow molds and cutter parts can be used. The control cabinet is mounted to the machine frame so the unit is more compact and space-saving. The operation terminal has been ergonomically mounted to a swivel arm. Jounce bumpers for suspension struts
Jounce bumpers are found in the shock absorbers of all cars and play an important role in improving the traveling comfort. Until this date they have either been made of microcellular polyurethane elastomer or of rubber. These traditional materials are, however, disadvantageous as they cannot be reused and their article weight has been optimized already. With a new design of jounce bumpers made of a thermoplastic copolyester elastomer not only the weight of the assembly unit can be reduced but also the number of its elements and the costs: One combined component only will be produced in the future which includes the jounce bumper itself as well as the dust bellows. What does it mean for the assembly group "shock absorber"? The former component design is replaced and the reusability of plastic products secured. One variant could be to make jounce bumpers from a thermoplastic copolyester elastomer as an individual piece whereas the dust bellows or sleeves are also produced from another inexpensive material, e.g. PP/EPDM. With the variant that makes more sense the jounce bumper with its dust sleeve is made of one single type of material.
- So recyclability is provided.
- The number of elements of the assembly group is reduced.
- The costs of the assembly group are reduced. For the jounce bumpers excessively high quality demands are raised. This particularly applies for the wall thickness distribution within the product and the tolerances to be observed. However the new Pressblower DSE 80 offers - as for compact CVJ boots - the most suitable reply to the challenges of the future product. P.S.: We ask you to take note that Du Pont de Nemours who is the supplier of the thermoplastic elastomer Hytrel® is holding patents for the design of the above discussed jounce bumpers as well as for Hytrel® grades. For further information you may contact Du Pont de Nemours directly.

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