Ingersoll Rand Introduces Expert(TM) ETW-E Electronic Torque Wrenches

Annandale, NJ - March 22, 2006 - Ingersoll Rand introduced the Expert(TM) ETW-E Series electronic torque wrenches that offer advanced tightening strategies in conveniently compact designs to fit difficult assembly applications.

Ingersoll Rand Expert ETW-E Series electronic torque wrenches are powerful, precise tools capable of developing, meeting, and verifying tightening strategies such as torque, angle, and yield control. Far more accurate than manual torque wrenches, ETW-E Series wrenches are the only tools in their class that can detect the yield point of fasteners - a serious concern when tight, safe assemblies are a must.

"The Expert ETW-E Series is an excellent low-cost alternative for a back-up, or repair station assembly tool," said Ian Chapman, Ingersoll Rand. "The Expert Wrench provides the user with the tightening functionality of a fully transducerized DC electric fastening system at a fraction of the cost."

ETW-E Series wrenches are available in three torque capacities - 25, 75, and 180 Nm. Their interchangeable heads, lightweight designs, easy-to-use controls and displays, and integral RS232 ports make ETW-E Series wrenches indispensable tools for performing quality control on production lines, as well as for lab work.

"The Expert wrenches are a crucial piece to the assembly puzzle," said Chapman. "It is a highly portable, battery-powered, assembly tool that can be used in field applications or on high performance engine builds where advanced tightening strategies are required for assembly or repair."

For more information about Ingersoll Rand Expert ETW-E Series electronic torque wrenches, call (800) 376-TOOL, or visit us on the Web at

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Zachary Keller,
Two Rivers Marketing

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