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Providing complete middleware platform for building applications with low-latency performance and managing data, messaging, and business logic, GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) v6.0 transforms new and existing applications into scalable services. Developers can write their applications in POJOs, plain .Net, and plain C++ objects. Software supports wide variety of languages, frameworks, and APIs such as Spring, JMS, JDBC, and Jcache.

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GigaSpaces Announces Release 6.0 of Its Infrastructure Software

Latest Version Simplifies Developing Scalable Real-Time Applications

LONDON, June 12/ -- At its customer conference in London, GigaSpaces Technologies today
announced the latest release and new name of its Space-Based Architecture software platform. GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) represents version 6.0 of its infrastructure software suite. The new release provides a complete middleware platform for managing data, messaging and business logic for applications that require high performance and the ability to scale horizontally across hundreds of machines.

Enterprises across industries are demanding scalable applications for extreme transaction processing (XTP), real-time analytics and high-performance SOA. The need for high performance, highly scalable applications has never been greater in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, government and Web 2.0. However, this rapidly growing class of applications can no longer be supported by traditional approaches.

GigaSpaces XAP provides middleware for building applications with limitless scalability and low-latency performance. It simply and easily transforms new and existing applications into scalable services with increased performance.
With GigaSpaces XAP, the ability to use, develop, deploy, install and change applications has never been easier.

"The challenges of building scalable, high-performance applications are especially great when dealing with stateful applications, such as those used for transaction processing or with frequent access to data," said Nati Shalom, founder and CTO, GigaSpaces. "Traditional approaches to this problem
- using multiple tiers of products such as databases, application servers and messaging middleware - just don't cut it. GigaSpaces XAP 6.0 solves these issues, and does so with a simple, standard programming model familiar to tens of thousands of software developers."

As part of the new product release, GigaSpaces has embraced a much simpler, non-intrusive programming model that allows developers to write their applications in Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), plain .Net and plain
C++ objects. For Java, GigaSpaces is achieving this by supporting the
C++ Spring
Framework, which is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard in Enterprise Java programming. GigaSpaces will continue supporting the other standard APIs in the product, including JavaSpaces, JMS, JDBC and Jcache

"Current, mainstream application platforms are increasingly showing they cannot cope with the requirements of XTP applications," said Massimo Pezzini, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. "So far, leading edge users have aggregated their high performance/high scalability application platform by combining point, best of breed technologies. But, a new generation of comprehensive standard-based XTP platforms will emerge from the convergence of grid technologies, event-driven architectures, distributed caching platforms and high-performance messaging."

The GigaSpaces platform is deployed at hundreds of customer sites. Many of GigaSpaces' direct customers include global telecommunications, government and financial firms.

"GigaSpaces made a promise to our company that its software would adhere to the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach," said Alberto Santini, Head of Business Intelligence, Monte Paschi Asset Management, one of the leading banks in Italy. "The new product release has not only fulfilled that promise, but also allows us to deploy the software throughout our infrastructure at the speed of light."

The GigaSpaces software is also widely used as an embedded component in OEM deals with large and small ISVs. "We selected GigaSpaces because we needed high-performance software that was scalable and would offer advanced global connectivity and exchange support," said John Mansfield, Global Trading Program Director at Patsystems. "With GigaSpaces, we can address the growing needs of the trading marketplace and continue to offer a first-class trading platform."


GigaSpaces Extreme Application Platform 6.0 will be generally available in September 2007 and will support a variety of languages, frameworks and APIs such as Spring, POJOs, JMS, JDBC, .NET and C++. Additional information is located on GigaSpaces' website at

About GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces provides a single infrastructure software platform for application scalability and performance. GigaSpaces' unique approach enables developers to write their business logic as if writing to a single computer and then seamlessly scale out the application linearly anywhere. It is targeted at applications characterized by high-volume transaction and data processing and low transaction latency requirements and provides a solution for implementing high performance and scalable service-oriented architectures. GigaSpaces customers include leaders in the financial services, telecommunications sectors and government institutions, including:
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Dow Jones, Virgin Mobile, Nortel and Hutchison 3G, where the need for mission-critical high-performance , low-latency, reliability and scalability necessitates an alternative to traditional approaches. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices worldwide. It is a privately held company, funded by FTVentures, BRM Capital, Intel Capital and Formula Vision. For more information, please visit, or visit the company's blog at


Alit Bar Sadeh
GigaSpaces Technologies

Source: GigaSpaces Technologies Ltd

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