Infrared Transmitter features 7.5 millisecond response time.

Press Release Summary:

M770S 2-color non-contact infrared sensor measures temperature in ranges from 350 to 3,000°C in 3 different ways. If there is any inconsistency between readings, smart microprocessor algorithm identifies source of discrepancy on rear display for immediate user correction. When connected to PC, parameters can be corrected remotely. RS485 digital interface communications allow remote addressability for up to 32 sensors.

Original Press Release:

New Digital Model M770S 2-Color Infrared Temperature Transmitter

Mikron Instrument Co., Inc. has added another high performance model to its line of 2-color, non-contact infrared temperature sensors. The new smart Mikron M770S is technically the most advanced infrared thermometer available today, featuring exceptional accuracy, ultra-fast response time, rugged modular construction and high reliability.

The M770S features digital interface communications with remote addressability for up to 32 sensors.

Outstanding features of the M770S include:
*Ultra-fast 7.5 millisecond response time
*Temperature ranges from 350°C to 3000°C
*Built-in setpoint relay
*Upright through-lens sighting and variable focus optics.
*Simultaneous 4-2OmA analog and RS485 digital outputs
*MIRDAC software for remote configuration and monitoring.
*Multiple alarms including ambient over-temperature, hi, low, process rate, etc.
*24Vdc operation
*Integral bright LED alpha numeric display

The M770S "Infraducer" has the ability to measure the temperature simultaneously in three different ways. This insures that all laws of radiation physics are observed for accurate measurements. If there is any inconsistency between readings the smart microprocessor algorithm identifies the source of the discrepancy on the rear display for immediate user correction. The RS485 when connected to a PC allows correction of parameters remotely.

Industrial and scientific applications indude: Induction heating, glass melting, crystal growing, vacuum melting, heat treating, semiconductor wafer rtp, rotary kiln and foundries.

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