Infrared Temperature Transmitter suits abrasive conditions.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring miniaturized head and body connected by shielded cable, Rayomatic 12 provides continuous monitoring tool for process applications that require response time of 150 ms, measurements of high and low temperatures up to 1,100°F, and accuracy of ±1% of Rdg. Rated to IP65, split digital transmitter provides spectral response of 8-14 µ, NIST Traceable report of calibration, and RS232 adapter. Emissivity, response time, measuring range, and peak-picker are adjustable from PC.

Original Press Release:

Rayomatic 12

Split Digital Infrared Temperature Transmitter

E Instruments offers the NEWEST IRtec Rayomatic 12, Infrared Thermometer ideal for high performance and extreme efficiency, which are required in abrasive conditions.

The Rayomatic 12 provides an accurate (±1% of Rdg), advanced, continuous monitoring tool for troublesome process applications that require immediate response time (150ms), measurements of high & low temperatures (up to 1100°F), and the ability to measure special materials or difficult targets.

This unit is the most advanced, split and 2-Wire 4-20 mA infrared transmitter with a miniaturized head and the body connected by a shielded flexible cable.

The Rayomatic 12 series are the best measuring tools on the infrared market.
o Accurate, Compact, Quick & Very Easy to Use
o Spectral Response: and 8-14µ
o Report of Calibration (NIST Traceable)
o IP65 (NEMA 4)
o RS232 Adapter and Windows Software
o Adjustable Emissivity, Response Time, Measuring Range, and Peak-Picker from PC
o Very Small 0.7" Diameter Threaded x 5" Long

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