Infrared Remote Microcontrollers offer on-chip learning.

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Equipped with 1 KB of general-purpose RAM and up to 64 KB of ROM, Crimzon(TM) ZLR64400 8-bit MCU Devices feature on-chip ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls for consumer products via learning circuit. Units offer fast executing, I/O bit manipulation capabilities, automated pulse generation/reception, and internal key-scan pull-up transistors. Microcontrollers include 3 standby modes, infrared dedicated timers, and 23 priority interrupt sources.

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ZiLOG® Extends Crimzon(TM) Infrared Remote Microcontroller Family, Introduces 64k Device with 'On-Chip' Learning Capability

Integration Reduces Component Count and BOM for Customers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 18 /-- In a development that further reinforces its position as the leading supplier of microcontroller (MCU) solutions for the universal infrared (UIR) remote control market, ZiLOG(R) Inc. (NASDAQ:ZILG) today announced the release of the ZLR64400 family of 8-bit MCU devices, the latest addition to its Crimzon(TM) line of infrared-specific silicon. In common with ZLP12840 OTP (One Time Programmable device), launched in November 2005, the ZLR64400 features an "on-chip" ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls for consumer products via a learning circuit.

The decision to extend the Crimzon portfolio was based on ZiLOG's research into the IR market and how its demands were evolving. With more IR remote- controlled devices on the market, and in more homes than ever before, ZiLOG identified the need for a larger on-chip database for better geographic, model, brand and device code coverage, thus requiring more than 32K of ROM. In addition, high end remote controls often include this learning capability, requiring a learning amplification circuit which had, until the introduction of the ZLP12840, the first 8-bit MCU to integrate learning capability, been external to the MCU. This integration is expected to reduce the customer's bill of materials by up to 15 percent, which equates to significant cost savings where large quantities of remotes are shipped. Used in conjunction with ZiLOG's superior proprietary IR code database, advanced compression techniques, development tools and project engineering support, the ZLR64400 provides the most comprehensive "one-stop shop" for remote control development. ZiLOG is unique in providing this "umbrella" service.

"The addition of ZLR64400 to our Crimzon portfolio is an important product expansion for ZiLOG," commented Robin Abrams, interim ZiLOG CEO. "It adds to our established presence in the universal infra-red remote control market and delivers further innovation and tangible benefits for our partners and customers. The IR learning function reduces development time and number of components, equating to a significant savings on overall bill of materials. Combining the ZLR64400 with access to our database coverage and the easy integration of IR codes learned with the chip's 1KB of SRAM are additional reasons why we expect to see a considerable demand for this solution."

Learning features are fast becoming a standard feature in mid- to high-end remote controllers. The ability to capture an IR signal from any other remote control then duplicate it on the "learning" remote enables universal remote controls to consolidate several single device remotes and add codes from newly-purchased devices, with the obvious associated benefits to the consumer. Once the codes are captured, they are mapped to keys on the universal remote via integrated firmware.

As well as an integrated learning capability, the introduction of the ZLR64400 offers extra memory which can house larger amounts of data, and broadens device coverage for customers. It features 1KB of general-purpose RAM and up to 64 KB of ROM, offering fast executing, efficient use of memory, sophisticated interrupts, input/output bit manipulation capabilities, automated pulse generation/reception, and internal key-scan pull-up transistors.

Available immediately, the ZLR64400 devices are fully software-compatible with ZiLOG's existing portfolio of Crimzon ROM-based IR microcontrollers, and priced at $US 1.72 in 10,000-unit quantities. The following development tools are available for programming and debugging:

-- ZLP128ICE01ZEM emulator/programmer
-- ZiLOG Developer Studio II (ZDS II), available for download from

-- Low power consumption
-- Three standby modes:
o STOP -- 2umA (typical)
o HALT -- 0.8mA (typical)
o Low voltage
-- Infrared dedicated timers
o Capture and transmit, 8- and 16-bit
o 8-bit timer with full duplex UART
-- Twenty-three priority interrupt sources:
o Three external
o Three from UART Tx, Rx, BRG
o Two assigned to T8, T16 time-out and capture
o One low-voltage detection interrupt
o Fourteen from SMR sources P20-P27, P30-P33, P00, and P07
-- High and Low voltage detection with flag IRQ (Low voltage only)
-- Programmable Watch-Dog Timer
-- Power-On Reset circuits
-- ROM-selectable pull-up transistors on ports 0, 2, and 3
-- Two comparators
-- Infrared learning amplification comparator
-- Up to 24 GPIO
o Port 0: 0-3 pull-ups
o Port 0: 4-7 pull-ups
o Port 2: 0-7 pull-ups
o Port 3: 0-3 pull-ups
-- Flexible Stop-Mode Recovery (SMR)
-- Compatible with the ZiLOG Z86L98, ZLP32300, ZLR32300, and ZLR64400 product families.

Further information about the ZLR64400 and other members of the Crimzon family of products can be accessed online at

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