Infrared Heaters suit pre-heating and curing applications.

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Cylindrical ChamberIR Heaters provide controlled, concentrated infrared energy that can be adjusted to match application. Units combine water-cooled polished aluminum reflectors and T-3 quartz halogen lamps that respond instantly to power control signals. Lamps reach 90% of full operating temperature within 3 sec of cold start and radiant energy dissipates to 10% 5 sec after power supply is disconnected. Models offer heated lengths from 2-38 in.

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Research, Inc. Introduces the Improved ChamberIR Family of Infrared Chamber Heaters

March 3, 2004, Eden Prairie, MN - Research, Inc., an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of electric infrared heating components and integrated heating systems, introduces the newly improved ChamberIR family of infrared heaters.

The ChamberIR heaters are cylindrical chambers with controlled, concentrated infrared energy for applications such as preheating, curing silicone, re-glossing plastic tubing,
curing coatings or adhesives on wire or cable, vulcanizing rubber, testing specimens, and more. The infrared energy emitted from each heater can be adjusted to match the specific heating requirements for a variety of applications. They provide a clean and efficient heat source, which does not contact the product being heated.

The design and functionality of the ChamberIR heaters supply a variety of features and related benefits. They are designed using a combination of water-cooled polished aluminum reflectors and T-3 quartz halogen lamps that respond instantly to power control signals. The ChamberIR heats up to ten times faster than competitive convection or hot wall radiant systems, increasing line speeds. The lamps reach 90 percent of full
operating temperature within three seconds of a cold start and the radiant energy dissipates to ten percent five seconds after the power supply is disconnected. This instant on/instant off temperature control reduces maintenance and eliminates the
possibility of fires during emergency stop conditions. The compact design of the ChamberIR will reduce floor space. In addition, the clamshell-style hinge opening allows easy access and accurate product positioning for easy start-up. No time is wasted on start-ups, or waiting before maintenance can be performed.

A complete, integrated heating system is available by ordering the ChamberIR heater along with the 'PC' (power controller) option. The complete system allows the end user to easily install both the heater and controller within the given application. This 'plug and play' feature simplifies installation for the end user and allows the heating system to be put into use very quickly.

The ChamberIR family has different models designed to meet specific application needs. The Model E4 is available in heated lengths of 2, 5, 6, 10, 16, 25 and 38 inches and heats materials with an outer diameter less than 0.25 inch. The Model 4069 is available in heated lengths of 10, 16, 25 and 38 inches and heats materials from 0.5 inches to 4 inches in diameter. In addition, the Model 4069 can be specifically configured for profile applications, offering the user individual heat flux control of different zones. Sales inquiries should be directed to Carrie Feldman, Research, Inc., 7128 Shady Oak Road,
Eden Prairie, MN 55344. (952) 941-3330.

Research, Inc.'s products are designed to solve a wide variety of process problems involving heating, curing, drying, soldering, and annealing of many different products. Whether it's a standard product or a custom heating system, Research, Inc. is committed to providing a solution for the most demanding heating needs.

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