Infrared Heaters suit drying and curing applications.

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PanelIR Series reach 90% of operating temperature within 3 sec of cold start while radiant energy dissipates to 10% 5 sec after power is disconnected. Model 4554 uses tubular quartz lamps backed by ceramic reflector to provide heat for areas up to 38 x 12 in., while Model 4765 uses tubular quartz, T3-style halogen lamps with ceramic reflectors to heat areas up to 38 x 66 in. Mounting two or more units collectively can create larger heated areas.

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Research, Inc.'s Panel Infrared Heaters Provide Efficient Response Continuous Operation, and More Controlled Energy Output

April 1, 2005, Eden Prairie, MN - Research, Inc., an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of electric infrared heating components and integrated heating systems, presents the PanelIR Series. Panel heaters are designed with ceramic or aluminum reflectors to provide consistent heat over a large area. These heaters are commonly used over moving webs and coil lines. Typical applications include the drying and curing of materials such as paint, graphite, adhesive, ink, coating and plastic.

The configuration and infrared energy of the PanelIR heaters are adjustable to meet specific heating needs. The modular design of the heaters allows the units to be installed in a variety of configurations suitable for many applications. The infrared energy emitted can be adjusted to match the heating requirements of many heating applications. A complete line of SCR power control instrumentation to control the operation of the heater is available.

Research, Inc.'s PanelIR heaters are rapid response products. The lamps heat up and cool down instantly in response to power control signals. They reach 90 percent of full operating temperature within three seconds of a cold start. The radiant energy dissipates to ten percent, five seconds after the power supply is disconnected.

The PanelIR Series includes the Model 4554 and the Model 4765. The Model 4554 uses tubular quartz lamps backed by a ceramic reflector to provide heat. It is available in a variety of heated widths and heated lengths to accommodate different heating requirements. Areas of up to 38 X 12 inches can be heated with a single heater; however, mounting two or more Model 4554 heaters side-by-side can create larger heated areas.

The Model 4765 uses tubular quartz, T3-style, halogen lamps as their infrared energy source. Ceramic reflectors back these emitters and re-emit radiant energy back toward the target product. Target products up to 38 X 66 inches can be heated with a single Model 4765 heater. Mounting two or more units collectively can create larger heated areas.

The PanelIR is now available worldwide through Research, Inc.'s extensive distribution network. Sales inquiries should be directed to Gail Martinson Research, Inc., 7128 Shady Oak Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. (952) 829-8356.

Research, Inc.'s products are designed to solve a wide variety of process problems involving heating, curing, drying, soldering, and annealing of many different products. Whether it's a standard product or a custom heating system, Research, Inc. is committed to providing the solution to the most demanding heating needs.

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