Infrared Conveyor Oven thermoforms medical stints.

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Featuring 4 in. x 1 ft 2 in. x 1 in. heating chamber and 1,300°F maximum emitter rating, Infrared Conveyor Oven uses medium-wave V-Series panel heaters rated at 20 W/SI. Heater panels are arranged for both top and bottom heating for 2 separate zones of control with 1,686 W/zone. Roller chain supply conveyor is stainless steel with variable speed AC drive adjustable from 0.2-5 ips. Measuring 7.5 in. wide, solid urethane belt conveyor for return operates at 2-10 ips.

Original Press Release:

Infrared Conveyor Oven Designed for Thermoforming Medical Stints

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an infrared conveyor oven with cool down for thermoforming medical stints. The oven has a 4" wide x 1'2" long x 1" high heating chamber and a 1,300°F maximum emitter rating. Removable exterior panels allow for easy access to the infrared heating and cooling systems. The thermoforming oven uses fast response medium wave V-Series panel heaters rated at 20 W/SI. The heater panels are arranged for both top and bottom heating for two (2) separate zones of control with 1,686 watts per zone. The heater panels are adjustable +/- ½" from the part providing the customer with the ability to achieve the most effective heating arrangement. The ambient air cool down consists of seven (7) 1,000 CFM axial fans in a top-down arrangement with ducting to direct the air out the back of the system and upwards.

The conveyor system consists of both a supply and a return conveyor. The supply conveyor is a parallel chain conveyor with a #40 maintenance free roller chain. The stainless steel construction meets medical industry requirements. Side boards guard parts and a manual adjustment lever allows operators to adjust the work height from 32" to 37" above the factory floor. The PLC controlled variable speed AC drive is adjustable from 0.2 to 5 inches per second with the conveyor speed set point and actual speed displayed on the operator panel with a deviation alarm. A solenoid part stop at the entrance of the heating chamber prevents part advancement in the event that either heater is out of range. The return conveyor is a 7.5" wide solid Urethane belt conveyor with a variable speed of 2 to 10 inches per second which is adjustable via the operator panel. A photo eye at the exit end of the conveyor stops the return conveyor when the part is present.

The UL labeled and certified NEMA 12 control enclosure includes an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC and Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 700 color touch screen. The temperature is controlled by a Honeywell UDC 2500 temperature controller with a deviation alarm per zone. A barcode scanner is also included for part identification.

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