Infrared Analyzer measures oil in off-shore drill cuttings.

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Weighing less than 5 lb, Portable InfraCal Analyzer measures hydrocarbons at 3.4 micrometers. Fixed-filter mid-infrared analyzer is designed with no moving parts and has user interface specifically designed for non-technical users. For analysis procedure, sample is collected in container and solvent is added at ratio of 1 part solvent to 10 parts sample. After shaking for 2 minutes, solvent partitions and portion of solvent is introduced to infrared analyzer for measurement.

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Measuring Oil Content in Off-Shore Drill Cuttings Using Portable IR Analyzers

Large amounts of drill cuttings are produced in off-shore drilling and must meet an allowable limit on the amount of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) they contain for ocean disposal. As an example, the North Sea currently has a 1% limit for disposal of drilling cuttings. Transporting the cuttings to shore is labor intensive, costly and could cease due to bad weather. Limit requirements also must be met for on-shore disposal or reuse. Whether on-shore or off-shore disposal, InfraCal Analyzers can verify that the oil content of the drill cuttings is below the allowable limit in less than 15 minutes.

The InfraCal Analyzer is a compact, fixed-filter mid-infrared analyzer with no moving parts. Hydrocarbons are measured at 3.4 micrometers (2930 cm-1). The analyzer is rugged and portable -- weighing less than 5 pounds -- and the user interface is specifically designed for non-technical users.

The analysis procedure involves several simple steps allowing an operator with minimal training to do the analysis. 

1. The sample is collected in a container. 

2. The solvent (hexane, pentane, cyclohexane, perchloroethylene or S-316) is added at a ratio of one part solvent to ten parts sample.  For solids testing, the ratio is one part solids to one part sample.

3. After shaking for 2 minutes the solvent partitions and a portion of the solvent is introduced to the infrared analyzer for measurement.  With soil, the solids are filtered from the solvent prior to testing.

4. The complete analysis from sample collection to final result takes less than 15 minutes.

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