Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums

Mi-T-M® Corporation manufactures two Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums, a 13-Gallon
(MV-1300-0MEV) and a 18-Gallon (MV-1800-0MEV). These vacuums are CSA listed.

The MV-1300-0MEV offers a 1.3 H.P. continuous motor, 6.9 amperage, 115 CFM, a water recovery of 9.0 Gallons and a waterlift of 93". The MV-1800-0MEV offers a 1.6 H.P.
continuous motor, 8.3 amperage, 120 CFM, a water recovery of 13.0 Gallons and a
waterlift of 102".

These vacuums are designed for stackability, cord management, durability,
maneuverability and ease of operation. They both feature a 120V two-stage bypass motor, handle/cord wrap, 25' electrical cord, exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture, high impact poly construction, recessed wheels and flexible clamps to prevent breakage, industrial grade polyolefin wheels with stainless steel shafts, wet and dry cartridge filter, and a drain outlet. Also, a one year warranty on vacuums, which excludes normal wear items, and a lifetime warranty on the canister.

The standard accessories include a 10' crushproof hose with swivel, 2-piece aluminum
extension wand, 14" commercial squeegee floor tool, 12" combination floor tool, 10-3/4" crevice tool, 5" upholstery tool, cartridge filter and 1 paper filter bag.

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