Industrial Vacuum facilitates general cleaning in tight spaces.

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Featuring wheeled, 6.6 gal collection container with handles for emptying, Model CFM 118 collects and retains dust and debris within filtration system through series of progressive filters. External filter shaker handle keeps main filter free of clogging, while self-cooling bypass motor protects motor from burnout. Unit can be custom-designed with multi-stage filtration system that traps 99.995% of particles down to and including 0.18 microns.

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New Industrial Vacuum Ergonomically Redesigned to Make General Cleaning Easier

MALVERN, Pa., June 9, 2005 - Industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer Nilfisk-Advance America introduces its newly designed CFM 118. The new CFM 118 provides workers with handy conveniences that make cleaning less strenuous. The combined power, small footprint, and efficiency of the CFM 118 also helps manufacturers clean tight spaces more quickly and thoroughly.

New additions to the CFM 118 include a wheeled 6.6-gallon collection container with handles for easy emptying, and optional container fitted with a paper-bag filter for safe recovery and quick disposal of debris. These add-ons complement existing CFM 118 features such as an external filter shaker handle to keep the main filter free of clogging and maintain maximum performance, and a self-cooling bypass motor to protect the motor from burnout.

As with all Nilfisk-Advance America industrial vacuums, the CFM 118 collects and retains dust and debris within its high-efficiency filtration system through a series of progressively finer filters - including an optional HEPA* exhaust filter - that capture increasingly smaller particles as they move through the vacuum. The unit can be custom-designed with a multi-stage filtration system that is proven to trap 99.995% of particles down to and including 0.18 microns, ensuring that collected materials are retained within the vacuum.

For a high-resolution photo of the CFM 118 vacuum or a datasheet, please contact Jennifer Kurowski at or 610.269.2100, X229.

About Nilfisk-Advance America's CFM Line of Vacuums
Nilfisk-Advance America's CFM vacuum cleaners feature a unique and progressive modular design that makes customization for specific dust control applications easy. The high-performance CFM vacuum cleaners are ideal for collecting large quantities of fine powders and bulk debris for disposal, transferal, or reclamation in a variety of manufacturing applications.

Nilfisk-Advance America helps its industrial customers meet their individual cleaning requirements and challenges with an extensive range of high-performance vacuum cleaners. From its Malvern, Pa. headquarters, Nilfisk-Advance America provides industrial vacuums for heavy-duty applications that require maximum suction power; and specialty vacuums for clean applications that demand "absolute" air purity and facility cleanliness. The company's Nilfisk and CFM brand vacuums are equipped with industry-specific features and exceptionally efficient filtration systems, ensuring dust- and debris-free facilities in the food, chemical/pharmaceutical, electronics, metalworking/powder coating, and a variety of manufacturing industries. For more information, please visit .

*HEPA: High-Efficiency Particulate Air

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