Industrial Pressing Tool features 360° rotating head.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing industry standard press fittings, Model P22+ makes solder-less joints in copper, stainless steel, and PEX tubing. Jaws are sized to join tubing diameters from ½-2 in., but can handle diameters up to 4 in. when fitted with XL or XL-C adapter. Operating on 14.4 V Li-Ion battery that can be recharged in 30 min, pressing tool includes LEDs on back of housing that give user feedback about cycle completion, battery life, temperature range, and number of cycles left before calibration.

Original Press Release:

Stanley VIRAX Redesigns Its Industrial Pressing Tool

New P22+ eases use and maintenance, while retaining the features users depend on.

Conyers, GA, - Stanley VIRAX has redesigned its industrial pressing tool with new features that make it easier to use and maintain. The new P22+, which uses industry standard press fittings to make solder-less joints in copper, stainless steel, and PEX tubing, is lighter and more compact. The battery has been upgraded, advanced electronics added, and the maintenance interval extended.

The P22+ has shed over two pounds in weight compared to its predecessor, the P20+. The new tool's redesigned housing has an ergonomic pistol grip, a sleek profile, and enhanced resistance to drops and shocks.

Improved electronic control is an important part of the new design. The tool's 14.4-volt Lithium Ion battery can be recharged in 30 minutes - half the time needed by NiMH batteries. LEDs on the back of the housing give the user feedback about cycle completion, battery life, temperature range, and the number of cycles left before the tool needs to be calibrated. A USB port has also been added, so that maintenance departments or tool managers can connect the tool to a computer to confirm and schedule calibration needs.

The new tool only needs calibration every 30,000 cycles. That's an extra 10,000 cycles between calibrations over the current generation P20+.

In addition to these improvements, the P22+ retains the best features of its predecessor. These include a 360-degree rotating head for optimal reach and efficiency, a universal jaw mount that makes the jaws interchangeable with other industry standard jaws, and a powerful hydraulic system for maximum power on large diameter pipe.

The P22+ also uses Virax's patented jaw stabilization technology. Two pivot pins in the jaws ensure accurate motion so the jaws will come together straight and true without mis-aligning.

The tool can be used with copper and bronze press fittings from the three major fitting systems: the Viega ProPress System® the NIBCO®Press System(TM) and Elkhart Products Corporation's XPress®. Its jaws are sized to join tubing diameters from ½ in. to 2 in., but can handle tubing diameters up to 4 in. when fitted with an XL or XL-C adapter.

The P22+ is covered by a full lifetime warranty.

ProPress System® is a trademark of Viega GmbH & Co. KG.

Nibco® and Press System(TM) are trademarks of Nibco Inc.

XPress® is a trademark of Elkhart Products Corporation.

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