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Industrial Netting Announces the Addition of Woven Mesh Industrial Textiles

Minneapolis, MN - Industrial Netting announces the addition of woven mesh industrial textiles to its product offering. These woven fabrics offer finer openings than traditional extruded nets and expand material choices available to customers.

Woven mesh fabrics are available in a broad variety of monofilament synthetic fibers or yarns, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyester. Weft or filling threads run across the width of the fabric at right angles to the warp (machine direction yarn) to create square mesh openings. This precision weaving process creates fine mesh industrial textiles with apertures (hole sizes) as small as 1 micron.

Precision woven fabrics meet stringent technical requirements in automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, and water treatment applications. Synthetic woven media is also used as a filter cloth.

These unique meshes can also be wrapped and ultrasonically welded to the outer surface of our rigid mesh tubes to combine the structural support of extruded tubes with the expanded functional range of fine mesh fabrics.

Industrial Netting was founded as InterNet, Inc. in 1981. The company produces a wide range of plastic netting products used in filtration, material handling, construction, agricultural, and industrial applications. The name was changed in October 2007 to more clearly reflect the company's mission.

For additional information on Industrial Netting's custom fabrication capabilities contact: Sheila Katusky or Karen Slater or 800-328-8456

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