Industrial Lathe delivers high-performance stent cutting.

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Automating laser stent cutting production operation, LaserLathe(TM) offers ready-to-operate solution for positioning and indexing of tubular/cylindrical components. Features include linear and rotary positioning mechanisms, work piece holding devices, servo drives, and control system. Able to accommodate various collet styles/sizes as well as 3- and 4-jaw or custom chucks, machine also has infinitely adjustable minimal collet clamping force for monitoring smaller than nominal diameters.

Original Press Release:

Raising the Bar On High Performance Stent Cutting - Nutec Introduces LaserLathe

Deer Park, NY: February 6, 2009-Once again, NUTEC raises the bar on high performance with LaserLathe(TM), a completely integrated single system motion platform for automated production operation in laser stent cutting. The LaserLathe(TM) is a ready-to-operate solution for high-throughput precision positioning and indexing of small diameter tubular and cylindrical components. With the LaserLathe(TM), NUTEC sets a new standard for precision cutting, consistent accuracy, and convenient operation.

The LaserLathe(TM) systems integrate several application-specific components including linear and rotary positioning mechanisms, a variety of work piece holding devices, powerful servo drives, and a user-friendly, feature-packed control system. This dynamic combination of outstanding capabilities results in higher productivity and lower maintenance along with greater precision at a lesser cost.

Built with a dedicated 2-axis mechanical motion platform, the LaserLathe(TM) integrates a linear X-axis and rotary motion. Both positioning systems utilize direct drive, brushless servomotors with non-contacting, high-resolution encoders for smooth motion and precise positioning. The linear axis is specially equipped with a servo ironcore motor. The higher force and thermal robustness of the ironcore motor achieve a constantly high resolution on both axes with minimal path error for superb industrial-strength performance 24/7.

The LaserLathe(TM) accommodates a large selection of collet styles, brands and sizes as well as 3- and 4-jaw chucks and custom chucks. In addition, since the LaserLathe(TM) has a minimal collet clamping force that is infinitely adjustable to monitor smaller than nominal diameters, there is no damage or degrading of the tubing stock.

NUTEC has also created a unique Concealed Linear Seal (CLS) for the LaserLathe(TM) to prevent exposure to debris. Because the CLS can be coupled with trouble-free touchscreen operation and a convenient modular system for easy replacement, users can expect reduced service calls, fewer maintenance requirements, extended service intervals, and shorter downtime.

LaserLathe(TM) is another forward-thinking product from NUTEC, the premier manufacturer of precision positioning and motion equipment. As specialists in custom designed servo controlled systems for demanding applications, for more than two decades, NUTEC has been at the forefront of the evolution of precision stages. That's because NUTEC consistently exceeds even the most rigorous engineering standards from standard positioning modules for linear and rotary motion to custom-made precision systems. With a local and international distribution network for the global marketplace, customers worldwide choose NUTEC as their partner in precision.

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