Industrial Gear Oils help prolong gear life.

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Mineral-based Shell Omala, suited for highly loaded gearboxes operating under normal temperatures, exhibits water separation properties critical for operations in wet environments. Formulated for harsh industrial environments, Shell Omala HD synthetic oil is based on PAO and other select additives and exhibits thermal and oxidative stability. Synthetic Shell Tivela S is designed for enclosed, sealed-for-life or worm-helical gear units operating at higher temperatures.

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Longer Life, Higher Performance: the New Industrial Gear Oil Range from Shell

Shell lubricants companies have launched a revitalized range of mineral and synthetic industrial gear oils for the US market. Shell Omala, Shell Omala HD and Shell Tivela S gear oils, have been specially formulated to help prolong gear life and reduce unscheduled downtime, which can help industrial companies reduce their overall operating costs.

The revitalized range of Shell gear oils has been developed to meet the challenges placed on modern gear systems, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated, smaller and designed to run longer. In a recent survey conducted by Shell of US industrial companies, 50% of respondents said that industrial gearboxes were one of their most critical components, while 30% said that they had experienced a lubricant related gearbox failure within the last 12 months.

Darren Cross, Shell's Industrial Lubricants Sector Marketing Manager, explains: "Today's industrial environment is more demanding than ever with trends towards smaller equipment and commercial pressures to raise throughput. The result is equipment needs to be able to run at higher operating temperatures, handle increased loads and cope with exposure to water and other contaminants. In these tough conditions, operators need a gear oil that is designed to tackle the problems that can affect operational efficiency. Shell has invested heavily in lubricants R&D to ensure that we can provide a revitalized range of gear oils for the US that meets these new challenges."

Shell Omala Gear Oils
New Shell Omala, which has been reformulated for the US market, is a mineral-based gear oil suitable for highly loaded gearboxes operating under normal temperatures. Approved by key OEM's, and with excellent gearbox protection properties, Shell Omala addresses the needs of industrial applications in normal operating environments. It has been designed to help extend component and oil life and has excellent water separation properties, critical for operations in wet environments such as steel, mining and paper mills.

Shell Omala Fluids HD
Shell Omala HD has been reformulated to offer even better performance for increasingly harsh industrial environments. It is a high performance synthetic oil based on poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) and specially selected additives. Shell Omala HD has improved thermal and oxidative stability, which minimizes sludge formation and viscosity increases, to help increase oil life and reduce maintenance costs, while its excellent anti-wear performance offers longer gearbox life in steel-on-steel applications. Designed to provide excellent low friction properties, it reduces power losses and lowers operating temperatures, contributing to energy and cost saving benefits compared to gear oils manufactured from mineral base oils.

Shell Tivela Fluid S
Shell Tivela S is a high performance synthetic gear fluid based on polyalkelene-glycol (PAG) technology and specially selected additives, designed for use in enclosed, sealed-for-life or worm-helical gear units operating at higher temperatures. Used successfully overseas and approved by many leading European OEMs, Shell Tivela S is now available in the United States. Cross comments: "The development of Shell Tivela S focused on helping operators reduce operating costs while maintaining high levels of performance. Shell Tivela S has a very low friction co-efficient, which leads to reduced power losses and lower energy consumption when compared to mineral oils, while improving mechanical efficiency and reducing operating temperatures. Its excellent thermal and oxidative stability inhibits sludge formation and viscosity variations to help provide longer service life and reduce maintenance requirements." Used in the field, a Tivela S customer documented lower energy costs after switching to Shell Tivela S.

The new Shell Industrial gear oil range is available in a wide variety of packaging and viscosities and is supplemented by an extensive choice of support services, including oil analysis. As a global leader in finished lubricants, Shell has over 60 years of expertise in the gear oil market. Ongoing liaison, testing and research in close association with world-leading gear OEMs, and in compliance with all major international quality standards, including AGMA and US Steel, the Shell industrial gear oil range will continue to "keep gears in motion" for many years to come.

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