Industrial Gauging Sensor suits automotive applications.

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Built to NEMA-4 standards, single point, non-contact Class II SLS5000 sensor employs integrated sensor and built-in processor for data averaging and filtering. Dynamic laser feedback loop allows accurate measurement, regardless of general plant environmental conditions. Sensor makes virtually error-free measurement with reliability and repeatability of up to 16,000 times/sec. Measurement range is 0.24-12.8 in., and data sampling rate is 16 kHz.

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New Self-Contained Sensor from LMI Selcom Available for Numerous Applications in the Automotive Industry

DETROIT, MICHIGAN --- A compact, single point non-contact industrial gauging sensor for high speed applications in the automotive industry, demanding extremely high accuracy and reliability is now available from LMI Selcom. Applications include inspecting the position of the cam roller follower and valve keepers in tapered keys of car engines during final assembly.

Based on the principle of laser triangulation, the Class II SLS5000 sensors have a totally integrated sensor within the head and a built-in processor for data averaging and filtering. A unique dynamic laser feedback loop allows accurate measurement without regard to speed, ambient light changes, color, temperature of material or general plant environmental conditions.

This characteristic allows the sensor to make virtually error-free measurement with total reliability and repeatability up to 16,000 times a second within a small, defined spot using very little power.

The sensors are easy to maintain, install or interface with most computer and PLC systems without time consuming and costly integration.

Other features of the SLS5000 series sensors include a high speed resolution of from +/-0.0006 in. to +/-0.00320 in. (+/-0.0015 mm to 0.0810 mm) of the measurement range, a data sampling rate of 16kHz; a band width (response) of 2kHz and a stand-off distance of up to 15.75 in. (325 mm). Measurement range is from 0.24 in. to 12.8 in. (6.0 mm to 12.8 mm).

Designed for optimum flexibility, the SLS5000 sensors require a power source from 18 to 32 Volts DC and provide data in both standard 0-20A or 4-20mA analog and RS-232-C or RS-422 digital output. Each SLS5000 sensor is factory calibrated to provide a linear measurement output.

Automotive Applications

To avoid the possibility of engine failure either at hot test or soon after a new car is put into service, the SLS5000 sensor can measure the position of each follower as the head moves continuously down the conveyor. Data can be taken along the length of each passing follower and compared to pre-defined position data limits for each roller. Upon passing, an accept/reject signal is generated.

"Many engines use roller followers on the camshaft to reduce friction and wear," noted Mike Snow of LMI Selcom. "Typically, the cylinder head assembly is done automatically. When one of the roller followers is not seated properly in the assembly, for example, the roller axis is cocked at an angle. The sensor will catch this occasional defect allowing the automotive manufacturer to reset the follower before the vehicle is released to the dealer or the consumer."

Snow noted that since the follower location is deep within the head assembly, previous quality assurance measures such as visual inspection or mechanical probing have not proven to be 100% effective. With the SLS5000, 100 percent inspection is possible even at the high production line speeds with essentially no modifications to existing automation, he added.

Second Application Described

Another typical application for the SLS5000 sensor is assuring that the engine valves are kept in position with two tapered keys. The keys lock into the grooves on the engine valve stem and are held in position by the pressure from the stem.

If the keepers are defective or assembled incorrectly, the valve drops and hits the piston, causing major engine failure.

For optimum quality control, two SLS5000 sensors can be mounted on line over each row of valve stems. As the stems pass under the sensors, the height of each keeper can be measured. Measured data is compared to user-defined criteria and a good/bad signal is provided.

"These are just a few of the many applications where the SLS5000 sensor can be used in the automotive industry," Snow noted.

Other SLS5000 Features Noted

The SLS5000 sensors are built to NEMA-4 (IP-67) standards and are enclosed in aluminum housing for optimum airtight sealing and protection from moisture and dust. The sensor's flat front allows easy cleaning of the optics.

The SLS5000 operates at temperatures from 32°F to 120°F (0° to 50°C). Dimensions of the units are 4.1 by 5.3 by 2.0 in. (105 by 135 by 51 mm) and weight is 2.4 lbs (1100 g). Cable length is 6.5 ft (2.0 meters). An air purge adapter and heat protection unit are optional.

LMI Selcom is part of LMI Technologies, a world leader in 2D and 3D machine vision sensors.

For more information about the SLS5000 sensors applications in the automotive industry, contact LMI Selcom at 21666 Melrose Avenue, Southfield, Ml 48075, Tel: (248) 359-2427, FAX (248) 355-3283 or E-Mail LMI is on the internet at

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