Industrial Floor Coatings come in 3 stress levels.

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Water-based EpoxyShield® coatings include single component SEALER, used to combat dust build-up and protect floor against wetness and chemicals; it dries in 1 hr. ULTRA floor coating dries in 2 hr to stick-free floor. This mat-finished floor coating is resistant against chemicals and car tires. Dual component MAXX is resistant against medium-heavy to heavy stress and offers protection against car tires, solvents, and chemicals and has permanent glossy finish.

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EpoxyShield® from Rust-Oleum®

Industrial floor coatings - Quick & Easy to use!

January 2009 - Rust-Oleum® is complementing the EpoxyShield® concept from the 1-2-3 MAINTENANCE assortment with three new water-based industrial floor coatings, namely: EpoxyShield® SEALER, EpoxyShield® ULTRA and the EpoxyShield® MAXX.

Concrete floors are prone to wear as a result of stress caused by heavy loads, pedestrian and vehicle activity etc. After applying the coating, the floor is protected against dust build-up, liquid spills, chemicals and wear and tear caused by traffic.

A floor coating can also have a practical use, for instance when used for line markings, markings for pedestrian paths and in order to improve safety (anti-skid coatings). However, floor painting is often considered a time-consuming and difficult job. More often than not, technical expertise is required and choosing the right product can be quite difficult.

RUST-OLEUM® EpoxyShield® makes floor painting simple.

A quick choice of product is particularly important and that is why with three simple steps the perfect floor coating can be chosen. Applying these floor coatings is also straightforward. Hardly any technical expertise is required.

The coatings enjoy maximum durability. There is a choice of three stress levels, which makes the concept extremely versatile.

The ideal solution to combat dust build-up is the SEALER. This single component product is water-based and is easy to apply. It takes no longer than an hour for a stick-free floor. After the product has been applied, the floor is protected against wetness and chemicals. The finish to the floor is transparent glossy.

The ULRA floor coating is a quick-drying, single component, water-based product. It is easy to use and takes just two hours to create a stick-free floor. The mat-finished floor coating is sufficiently resistant against chemicals and car tyres.

For a maximum protection in one coat, the MAXX floor coating is available.

This dual component epoxy product is water-based and particularly easy to apply. The floor coating is resistant against medium-heavy to heavy stress and offers the best possible protection against car tyres, solvents and chemicals. The product has a permanent glossy finish. This product also comes with the option of an anti-skid or decorative finish.

The EpoxyShield® assortment also offers additional products to ensure an optimal end result. For instance, there is a ready-to-use detergent / degreaser available. This removes oil, grease and other pollutants.

The easy to apply concrete crack filler is the ideal product for repairing small cracks in concrete floors.

For larger repairs, there is quick to prepare concrete repair mortar. The ideal product for the quick repair of holes, large cracks etc. Just add water then stir and apply.

All in all, floor painting has never been easier thanks to the EpoxyShield® assortment produced by Rust-Oleum®.


RUST-OLEUM® in Roosendaal, part of the American RPM group, has been a leading producer of specialised coatings for many years. The business was founded in America in 1921 by a Scottish sea-captain, who noticed that where fish-oil had been spilled, the steel deck of his ship did not rust. This inspired him to develop a metal coating based on fish-oil. Today RUST-OLEUM remains the number one brand for rust-resistant coatings in the United States and is also the biggest producer of aerosol paint sprays in the world.

In the UK RUST-OLEUM® is mainly known for its range of straightforward maintenance products for construction and industry, such as HARD HAT® aerosols and CombiColor® metal paints. This series of products has recently been extended to a complete range of coatings and related products for the tradesman who wants to achieve a professional result quickly. The 1-2-3 MAINTENANCE concept has been developed to this end; it consists of a complete product brochure and a communication campaign aimed at more than 20,000 professionals in construction and industry. This range is available from more than 400 construction and industrial wholesalers.

For more information about these products or other RUST-OLEUM® products, you can contact:

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