Industrial Ethernet Solutions Most Ideal for PLC/SCADA System Integrators

Taipei, Taiwan, 5 July, 2007- Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of Industrial Networking and communication solutions, is pleased to present a series of Industrial Ethernet solutions which are most ideal for PLC/SCADA system integrators.

Ethernet Direct products have been deployed in various applications and are faster becoming a preferred choice for systems integrators. The Industrial Ethernet Solutions include Industrial Redundant Managed switches, Industrial unmanaged cost effective switches, Industrial media converters and more... In Industrial networks, one key requirement is to ensure the system will run non-stop. A minor failure in the communication process may cause the whole system to shut down. Therefore, using a switch with self-recovery mechanism is the ultimate solution. Ethernet Direct products are designed with innovative features that meet the stringent demands of industrial environments. Ethernet Direct's Managed Industrial switches support IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.1p, 802.1Q, 802.1d, 802.1w and more. The Husky switch series come with relay output alarm by power failure or port break. While the Industrial Media Converter series convert and connect Ethernet to a Fiber Optical port. It supports Link Fault Pass Through and relay output alarm by power failure or port break. Engineers save time using Industrial products from Ethernet Direct.

Industrial applications require connecting several devices together. Switches are required as all the PLCs, Process systems, and I/O are connecting to Ethernet. Understanding the Terms and Technology of Ethernet can be of great value as this communication becomes more common in a variety of Industrial applications.

If you are an engineer or network professional who is deploying a switch and could not find immediate support from where you purchased the switch, this could caused possible network downtime which is equivalent to potential loss of money within a company. Troubleshooting a production system can mean costly downtime.

Ethernet Direct is the answer to help you find the right location to simplify the technology and relates it to the applications of the Industrial Automation. This is an emerging market and new to many, but to Ethernet Direct, we can help you to properly select the appropriate equipment for your application. Whether a PLC application using ControLogix in a EtherNet/IP network, or a Delta V system with FF HSE in a Pharmaceutical application, we can help.

Aside from integrating the right hardware products, finding an Ethernet Communication problem is sometimes as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Ethernet communication problems are not always easy to predict, as the connected devices may be enclosed inside electrical enclosures that are in many locations across the plant floor.

Ethernet Direct offers IntraVUE Network Management Software that comes with enhanced diagnostics to provide a rapid method of identifying misbehaving devices or poor connections before they can disrupt your process or information system. Other methods of troubleshooting are developed for use after the fact and require individual point to point checking that can be very time consuming, and may be virtually impossible to identify intermittent faults.

IntraVUE is the next generation of software aimed specifically at the issues facing Ethernet deployment in Process or Manufacturing applications. Developed to assist individuals who are not network experts but do require a method to quickly identify the typical problems that can create loss of production data or even a process shutdown.

With Ethernet Direct Industrial equipments and leading network management software IntraVUE, system integrators can deploy any applications hassle free.

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