Industrial Escape Mask from ILC Dover Receives Factory Mutual Intrinsic Safety Approval

Air-purifying escape respirator incorporates unique powered ventilation system

FREDERICA, Del. — ILC Dover, the manufacturer of innovative protective equipment for the most demanding applications including spacesuits for NASA and gas masks for the military, announced today that their SCape® CO/CBRN escape mask has received Factory Mutual approval for use in Class I,II,III, Division 2 areas. The user-friendly escape mask incorporates an integral filter/blower which affords excellent protection and allows wearers to breathe normally as they escape plant site incidents.

The product offers 30 minutes of protection against a broad range of chemicals and its unique design protects the respiratory tract as well as the users' head, eyes, and neck. The system comes in a conformal storage pouch and has a five year maintenance free shelf life. By offering chemical and carbon monoxide protection, the product can be used by plant workers needing to escape a chemical incident, or by control room or administrative personnel requiring escape mask protection from a fire or chemical event.

Since the introduction of the original SCape® NBC in 2004, numerous government agencies and industrial users have chosen to make ILC Dover Escape Respirators a key component of their emergency response plan. Unlike other escape masks, the SCape® CO/CBRN(30 )can be used by persons with glasses and/or facial hair, has no securing straps, nose cup, or mouth bit and utilizes a positive-flow ventilation system that automatically activates when removed from the package. Its clear hood with large visor allows the user to perform a wide range of tasks, such as using a cell phone or other communication device.

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