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Measuring 146 x 157 x 64 mm, BOX-PC 360 utilizes 400 MHz Intel® Ultra Low Power Celeron processor with 100 MHz FSB and 256 Kbyte full-speed L2 cache. Heatsink built into top of case provides sufficient heat dissipation to make fan unnecessary. External interfaces include CardBus PC card slot, two 100Base-TX LAN, 4 USB 2.0, IDE, RS-232C/422/485, and AC97 audio ports. Slot-in mechanism facilitates mounting or replacing of storage devices.

Original Press Release:

New BOX-PC 360 Series Ultra-Compact Embedded Computer Released

Contec Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of PC-based instrument interfaces and industrial computers, has developed a new series of ultra-small computers in its "BOX-PC" range of fanless industrial computers for embedded applications. The new "BOX-PC 360 series" are roughly the size of a 5 inch drive bay and will go on sale from December 1st.

The "BOX-PC 360 series" uses the latest 400MHz Intel® Ultra Low Power Celeron (FSB 100MHz, 256Kbyte full-speed L2 cache) embedded CPU which delivers excellent performance with very low power consumption. The unit includes a large heatsink built into the top of the (external) case which provides sufficient heat dissipation to make a fan unnecessary. The series features a high degree of expansion capability with a wide range of external interfaces including a CardBus PC card slot, 2 x 100BASE-TX LAN, 4 x USB 2.0, IDE(ATA/100), RS-232C/422/485, and AC97 audio. These make the series suitable for diverse applications such as controllers, network security devices, and IT data terminals.

The external interfaces, power supply, and other connectors are all located on the front panel of the "BOX-PC 360 series" for ease of cabling. The units can be attached from the rear and are suitable for wall mounting. Another important feature of the units is the slot-in mechanism used to mount storage devices (hard disks or similar) which makes it easy to install or replace the storage device from the side of the unit. The box size is 146(W) x 157(D) x 64(H) [mm which is roughly the same as a five inch drive bay on a desktop computer and represents a reduction in volume of more than half compared to the previous model (BOX-PC 620 series) using the same CPU.

The series uses an embedded CPU with high reliability and long term availability, has a BIOS (from Phoenix Corporation) customized by CONTEC, and the power supply, battery, and other peripheral devices are constructed from high-reliability/long-life parts. By carefully selecting the components used in the units and through the use of CONTEC's optimized production systems, the series provide the quality and long-term product availability that is essential in embedded applications.

o Equipped with the latest Ultra Low Power Celeron 400MHz (FSB 100MHz) CPU
o Very small size (system unit: 146 (W) x 157 (D) x 64 (H))
o Fan-less operation achieved by natural air-cooling
o High reliability and completely silent running (when fitted with the PC-SDD V series silicon disk from CONTEC)
o Long, reliable supply (The CPU and chip set are embedded versions.)
o Adopting the slot-in mounted HDD implements easy maintenance and replacement easy.
o Equipped with a DVI video output connector (VGA adapter bundled)
o Capable of starting up, even with the battery dead, using CMOS data retained by EEPROM
o Equipped with PC Card Slot, CF Card Slot (dedicated to memory card; bootable), 100BASE-TX x 2 ports and USB 2.0 x 4 ports
o Equipped with a secondary-IDE connector to allow an optional external CD-ROM drive to be connected
o Equipped with AC97 compliant audio features

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Embedded
Windows XP Professional


o Silicon disk drive for extension (IDE 2.5inch)
PC-SDD64 64MB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD128V 128MB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD192V 192MB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD320V 320MB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD500V 512MB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD1000V 1GB Silicon disk drive
PC-SDD2000V 2GB Silicon disk drive
* Only one HDD (SDD) can be installed on this model. HDD (SDD) installed models can accept an additional HDD (SDD).

o Terminal block for connecting the RAS connector IPC-PSD-20
o Terminal block for general-purpose I/O (with cable)
o TFT color liquid-crystal display
o Analog RGB/DVI-D types

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