Industrial Casters range in size from 2-10 in. in diameter.

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Available in swivel and rigid models and in top plate and stem mount versions, Industrial Casters offer range of options to handle loads from 75-1,500 lb. Units come in steel or stainless steel, with various finishes including nickel, zinc, black oxide, polished brass, and chrome. In addition, casters offer thermoplastic rubber, full pneumatic, polyurethane, cushion solid rubber, and cast iron wheel options with Delrin, plain, roller, or ball bearings.

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Monroe Engineering Products Now Offers a Full Line of Industrial Casters

Auburn Hills, MI - Monroe Engineering Products LLC, a leading global industrial hardware and hinge company, is pleased to announce that we are now offering an extensive line of rigid and swivel casters. Offering thousands of combinations, we can supply you with the exact caster to meet the specific requirements of any application.

Our caster products are available in sizes from 2-10 inches in diameter, in top plate and stem mount versions, with a range of options to handle light duty, 75 lb loads all the way up to heavy duty applications with capacity requirements up to 1,500 lbs. The two basic types, swivel and rigid, are offered in steel and stainless steel versions, with various finishes including nickel, zinc, black oxide, as well as polished brass and chrome. Wheel types include thermoplastic rubber (TPR), full pneumatic, polyurethane, cushion solid rubber, cast iron, and numerous others, and among the many bearing choices you will find Delrin, plain, roller, and ball bearings. We also offer a full range of business machine casters with capacities up to 700 lbs.

Selecting the correct caster for your application is very important - the right caster will ensure that rolling vehicles and mobile equipment move easily and can be maneuvered without causing worker injury or equipment damage. Factors to take into consideration when choosing a caster include vehicle or equipment type, maneuverability requirements, load weight, floor type, and operating conditions.

"Monroe is ready to help you determine which type of caster best suits your needs," stated Dave Scharrer, General Manager. "We offer casters constructed of different types of steel with a variety of finishes and wheel types - from light duty casters for a mail cart wheeled over carpet to heavy duty ¼-inch thick zinc-plated steel versions for equipment used in extreme temperature, corrosive, and washdown environments."

For complete information on our new caster line, visit In addition to detailed specifications on each caster model, the site offers helpful, explanatory information on how to determine the best options to meet your specific application needs. We also offer a full line of accessories including brakes, locks, guards, and adapters.

About Monroe Engineering Products LLC

Founded in the 1957, Monroe Engineering Products is a global industrial manufacturing and distribution company offering a broad product line. Monroe's quality system has been certified to meet ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100:2009 standards and has a diverse customer base of manufacturers, distributors, and catalog-houses across several vertical markets including aerospace/defense, automotive, medical, transportation, and general industry.

In addition to a wide range of standard products including knobs, hinges, casters, and handles, Monroe Engineering Products provides custom manufacturing of precision parts with tolerances as tight as 5 microns. Monroe is capable of producing custom machined, injection molded, welded, and stamped parts fabricated from a wide range of materials, from aluminum to titanium to most types of plastics. For more information about Monroe Engineering Products and their extensive product and service offerings, visit the company website at

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