Inductotherm Displays Advanced Solutions for Energy Saving Options at TP/GIFA

Now that the dust has settled and the results are in, it is clear that Inductotherm Furnace Group, along with the rest of the Inductotherm Group, enjoyed another successful Thermprocess/GIFA Show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Inductotherm Furnace Group Displays ADVANCED SOLUTIONS for ENERGY SAVING OPTIONS
In its most synergistic show yet, Inductotherm Group displayed a variety of advanced technologies from its major product brands around the world, and the Inductotherm Furnace Group, which designs and manufactures the most advanced induction melting, heating, holding and pouring systems for virtually all metal and material processing, focused on energy savings, increased productivity and enhanced safety. Once again, the most advanced solutions on the market today were featured. The Inductotherm Furnace Group highlighted:

30 MT Induction Furnace Built to Replace Arc Furnaces

On display was a 30 MT furnace, typically powered by an 18.5 MW VIP® induction power supply, which is ideal for replacing arc furnaces for steel melting. Inductotherm induction furnaces are quickly becoming the preferred choice over arc furnaces because of their many environmental advantages and lower overall operating costs. These furnaces melt steel at a lower cost than arc furnaces, have much lower sound levels, greatly reduced oxidation losses, much reduced dust collection requirements, excellent temperature and chemistry control, and present a very stable electrical load to the power network. Utility providers and users of generators prefer Inductotherm, due to the unique VIP inverter design, because we are the only induction furnace supplier worldwide who, at these high power levels, can guarantee a constant high line power factor down to very low power levels - with minimum voltage notching and the lowest harmonic generation.

Efficient Multi-Trak® Technology and the Innovative ARMS® System

By combining two advanced technologies, Multi-Trak Technology and the ARMS System, Inductotherm can enhance melt shop safety and productivity and create a more energy efficient melt shop. Automated systems, like the ARMS System, distance the foundry worker from the furnace and its molten metal and allow you to protect your most valuable asset on the melt deck - your employees. In addition to improved worker safety, these systems offer other unique benefits to foundries by reducing operating costs, improving worker recruitment and retention, and greatly increasing melt efficiency as well as other efficiencies that come from automated operations. When the ARMS System is paired with our Multi-Trak technology, melt shops can dramatically increase their output since these systems increase productivity and achieve a nearly 100% utilization rate!

Automated Pouring with Advanced Features

Our Automated Pouring Systems enhance safety and produce higher quality castings with precise pouring and repeatability while keeping pace with today's fastest molding machines with Multi-Pour(TM) Technology. These systems accurately control the amount of metal poured with Visipour® P3® Control to eliminate quality robbing underpours and wasteful overpours.

VIP® & VIP®-I(TM) Technology is Still the Most Advanced Today

Also on display were our family of solid-state VIP® and IGBT-based VIP®-I(TM) induction power supply systems which have the fastest melt rates from cold charge to pour and melt more pounds per kVA for lower kWh costs and greater productivity.

Management and Computer Control Systems Ensure Maximum Pounds per KVA

Both Melt-Manager Plus® and Meltminder 200® computer control systems were available to showcase melting control systems that monitor and control the melt, diagnose faults, maximize power usage, minimize power/fuel charges and perform a variety of tasks to provide more precise control of the entire melting process. Inductotherm Furnace Group also highlighted our System Status Text Messaging feature which allows updates to be sent directly to your mobile phone.

Our upper deck featured various displays including one from Powerit Solutions. Powerit's Spara Technology, an integrated hardware and software product, plugs businesses into the smart grid so that facilities can use energy more efficiently and take advantage of utility incentive programs and rate structures. Foundries most widely use Spara for its demand control, which involves deciphering how and where costly energy spikes occur, then making precisely timed load reductions to avoid spikes and take advantage of lower rate periods.

Pollution Control Systems

We offer a full range of close-capture furnace fume covers for both new and existing furnaces that are designed to effectively collect smoke, dust and airborne pollutants during all phases of furnace operation. In addition to our own fume hood cover that was displayed on our 6 MT furnace, we also had on display an additional option. On our 30 MT furnace we displayed IBO-Anlagenbau GmbH's extraction fume hood, Tornado. Both low-profile fume hoods are designed with double-swiveling action to achieve fume extraction during all phases of operation and are sure to maximize extraction of all harmful pollutants.

Improved Refractory Monitoring and Removal Systems

Our 6 MT Steel Shell Furnace on display also featured our Lining Push-Out System to show operators how to reduce the time and labor needed for refractory lining changes by using a large movable plug to push out the entire lining in just minutes for easy disposal. The system also enhances safety as it reduces foundry personnel exposure to refractory dust. Also on our upper deck was Saveway's state-of-the-art automated lining wear detection system which graphically displays the lining condition to assist with monitoring.

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