Inductors feature miniature surface mount design.

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SMI-3 Series consists of 16 different parts with range of inductance values from 10.0 microH @ 3.28 A to 560.0 microH @ 0.45 A. Tolerances are 20% for 10.0 to 47.0 microH values and 10% for 56.0 to 560.0 microH values. With pads solder-masked to core, inductors can be IR or vapor phase soldered directly to printed circuit board. Typical dimensions are 0.390 x 0.354 x 0.157 in. high.

Original Press Release:

New SMI-3 Series of Miniature SMT Inductors

Anyone designing high frequency switchmode or RF products will be interested in Prem Magnetics' latest line of inductors for surface mount technology applications. These miniature inductors consist of 16 different parts with a range of inductance values.

Inductance values for the SMI-3 Series range from 10.0 microHy @ 3.28 amps to 560.0 microHy @ 0.45 amps. Tolerances for inductance values is 20% for the 10.0 microHy to 47.0 microHy values and 10% for the 56.0 microHy to 560.0 microHy values.

Typical dimensions for the SMI-3 series is 0.390" X 0.354" X 0.157" height.

With pads solder-masked to the core, these inductors can be IR or vapor phase soldered directly to the printed circuit board.

Pricing in production quantities is about $0.79 each with availability from stock to 12 weeks.

For further information, contact Derek Brooke at Prem Magnetics, Inc. at 815-385-2700 or by fax at 815-385-8578. Or visit Prem's interactive website:

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