Inductive Proximity Switches have 0-4 mm sensing range.

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Offering temperature stability from -13 to +158°F, size M8 analog sensors provide virtually unlimited resolution due to elimination of intermediate digitization. They utilize non-linearized transfer function and has output voltage ranges of 0-5 or 0-10 V. Also offered in M12, M18, and M30 sizes, applications include regulated approach to end positions, realization of several switch points with one device, monitoring concentricity, or detecting vibration.

Original Press Release:

New M8 Inductive Analog Proximity Switches with 4 mm Sensing Range - Series 509

These new Contrinex size M8 analog sensors are distinguished by their unusually large sensing range from 0 to 4 mm.

At the same time, they provide excellent temperature stability between -13°F (-25 °C) to +158°F (C70 °C), as well as outstanding repeat accuracy. Thus, the distances achieved using these devices are far in excess of those achieved with conventional standard sensors where, in order to obtain similar detection values, a model with a diameter of at least M18 would have to be used. In addition, since intermediate digitization has been done away with, the resolution of the Contrinex devices is virtually unlimited.

The use of analog sensor technology opens up numerous application opportunities. For instance, the regulated approach to end positions at minimum cost, the realization of several switch points with a single device, monitoring concentricity or the detection of vibrations. The switches are available with output voltage ranges of 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V.

As a result of the non-linearized transfer function, the Contrinex devices are inexpensive yet highly efficient. Contrinex inductive analog sensors are also available in sizes M12, M18 and M30.

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