Inductive Proximity Sensors suit welding applications.

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Factor 1(TM) Sensors incorporate multi-coil design that enables them to sense both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at same distance. They are inherently weld field-immune to 100 kA/m, so they are unaffected by high levels of magnetic interference from transformers, motors, drives, or welders. Teflon® coating on housing and end cap helps protect sensors from weld slag and weld flash. Series includes 12 mm and 18 mm tubular designs.

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Balluff Expands Factor 1(TM) Family of Enhanced-Performance Sensors

Factor 1 inductive proximity sensors offer equal sensing distance for all metals

FLORENCE, KY (April, 2004) - Balluff has expanded its Factor 1(TM) inductive proximity sensor family. Factor 1 sensors incorporate a Balluff-developed multi coil design that enables them to sense all metals - both ferrous and non-ferrous - at the same distance. Now included in the line are five new 12 mm and two new 18 mm tubular designs.

Factor 1 sensors are designed primarily for welding applications. They are inherently weld field-immune to 100kA/m, so they are unaffected by high levels of magnetic interference from transformers, motors, drives, or welders.

Factor 1 sensors offer significant advantages over standard sensors because they never have to be de-rated for non-ferrous targets. Because the rated sensing distance for inductive sensors is determined using a mild steel target, standard sensors require that the rated sensing distance be reduced for other metals. For example, a standard sensor with 5 mm of rated sensing distance will detect aluminum targets at approximately 2 mm, 40% of the rated sensing distance. Factor 1 sensors never have to be de-rated because they sense all metals at their fully rated sensing distance.

Many Factor 1 models are available with Teflon coating on the housing and end cap. The Teflon coating helps protect the sensor from weld slag and weld flash generated during the welding process. Additionally, Balluff currently offers Factor 1 models with SlagMaster(TM) coating. Applied to the face of the sensor, SlagMaster coating is a major advance over Teflon coated sensors.

Beyond their enhanced application flexibility, Balluff Factor 1 sensors provide the opportunity to standardize on a smaller number of sensor designs, which can lower supply chain and tool crib stocking costs, especially for welding operations. They also offer attractive pricing advantages because they are positioned between standard and weld-field immune products.
Balluff Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH & Co., Neuhausen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of inductive, optical, capacitive and magnetic sensors as well as linear position transducers and ID systems. Balluff products for OEM and factory floor solutions are used to control, regulate, automate, assemble, position, and monitor manufacturing, assembly, and packaging sequences for industries including metalworking, automotive, plastics, material handling, wood processing, aerospace, electrical, and electronics.

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