Inductive Linear Encoder suits motion control applications.

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Designed to provide position feedback with resolutions from 0.5-10 µm, LN operates from 5-28 Vdc and is equipped with either line driver or open collector outputs. Sealed read head completely surrounds scale, eliminating risk of critical gap between sensor and scale varying with speed. With onboard DSP capability, encoder offers traverse times up to 20 m/sec and offers scale measuring lengths range from 2 in. to 36 ft.

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Boost Productivity with High-Speed BEI Linear Encoders

Goleta, CA - The rugged LN linear encoder provides fast, accurate and repeatable position feedback for a wide range of motion control applications. The LN, an inductive linear encoder, is not subject to the speed limits imposed on its optical counterparts. The encoder's sealed read head completely surrounds the scale, eliminating the risk of the critical gap between sensor and scale varying with speed. With onboard digital signal processing (DSP) capability, the LN boasts traverse times of up to 20 meters per second. This is twice the speed available from most glass or magnetic linear encoders. Rapid feedback response allows for shorter production times and higher efficiency for the entire process.

Standard measuring resolutions of 0.5 µm to 10 µm are available. Scale measuring lengths range from as small as 2 inches to as long as 36 feet. The LN linear encoder operates between 5 and 28 VDC and is equipped with either line driver or open collector outputs. Universal mounting adapters and a variety of standard electrical interfaces make them easy to integrate into your control system.

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