Induction Starter Generator features brushless design.

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Part of COREPOWER® line of products, Induction Starter Generator System features brushless design that minimizes maintenance. Configurable starting capability enables controlled application and removal of torque, minimizing transients, which means less stress on gearbox and electrical system components. System also provides full rated power, up to 400 A, at ground idle.

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Astronics Corporation Launches New COREPOWER® Induction Starter Generator System on Pilatus PC-24

EAST AURORA, N.Y. -- Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq:ATRO), a leading provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace, defense, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, today announced that Astronics AES has launched its COREPOWER(R) Induction Starter Generator System with the successful completion of first flight on Pilatus Aircraft Ltd's new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet platform. The 55 minute flight across central Switzerland went as planned.

The Induction Starter Generator System, part of Astronics AES' COREPOWER(R) line of products, offers a number of operational and cost saving benefits over traditional starter generators. The brushless design reduces the lifetime cost of ownership by greatly reducing required maintenance; the configurable starting capability enables controlled application and removal of torque, reducing transients, which means less stress on the gearbox and electrical system components. The system also provides full rated power, up to 400 amps, at ground idle.

With the help of Astronics AES' COREPOWER(R) System and Williams International's engines, the PC-24 will be the first FJ44 application to take advantage of Williams' Quiet Power Mode(TM), a new proprietary feature allowing the FJ44 to provide quiet, efficient ground power, eliminating the need for a traditional APU.

Kellsey Justus, Vice President of Astronics AES Airborne Power & Control said, "Astronics is proud to provide our innovative starter generator system to Pilatus for the PC-24. The new starter generator eliminates brush replacement and the associated aircraft downtime.

Improving aircraft dispatch reliability, particularly for those aircraft operators with high use, will provide significant long-term cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. Pilatus is a great company and the uniqueness and versatility of the PC-24 make it an ideal application of our COREPOWER(R) products that are responsible for starting, generating and distributing power on this platform."

In addition to the Induction Starter Generator System, Astronics AES is providing the secondary power distribution system on the PC-24 with their 3rd generation COREPOWER(R) Electronic Circuit Breaker Units. These solid state units manage power throughout the aircraft and provide fault detection, circuit protection and programmable load management through automated power control functions, helping to reduce pilot workload and improve crew awareness.

With over 50 years' experience in power management, Astronics AES has developed numerous patented intelligent power management systems flying on various aircraft to date.


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