Indium Corporation Releases BiAgX® Solder Paste Technology as Drop-In Replacement for High-Pb Solders

Environmental and legislative concerns are driving consumers away from products using solders that contain lead (Pb), including solders used in die-attach applications for analog semiconductor assembly. Indium Corporation's BiAgX® solder paste technology is a high-melting, lead-free (Pb-free) solder paste technology that serves as a drop-in replacement for the high-Pb solders used in many high-reliability die-attach and electronics assembly applications.

BiAgX can survive junction temperatures and high-temperature environments in excess of 175°C with little degradation of the mechanical structure or other properties.

"BiAgX is the only low-cost, customer-proven, lead-free replacement solder paste that is able to survive J-STD-020 MSL reflow profiles (up to 260°C) in the final solder joint," said Indium Corporation's Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, senior product manager for semiconductor and advanced assembly materials. "BiAgX has been qualified by customers at moisture sensitivity level (MSL) 3 up to 1 per IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD020. Customers are also ramping production to meet their customers' needs for a completely lead-free final assembly."

BiAgX is suited for small, low-voltage QFN packages that are used in portable electronics (smartphones/tablets), automotive electronics, and industrial applications. It requires minimal process adjustments and no capital expenditures for customers converting from a standard high Pb-containing solder paste-based process. It is both Pb-free and Sb-free (lead and antimony) and does not contain costly specialty materials, such as nanosilver or sintering aids.

BiAgX reflows, solders, wets, and solidifies just like any other solder paste, and is available in both dispense and printing forms. Flux residues are easily cleanable with standard cleaning chemistries and processes.

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