Indirect Heat Exchanger suits dry gas seal applications.

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Featuring one-piece, non-welded design to minimize potential leaks, HYDROSAFE™ Electric Heat Exchanger has 316L stainless steel fluid path that is independent from heater sheath, preventing fluid contamination. Heating element, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting plate, and inlet/outlet connections are combined into complete assembly, facilitating installation. Gas is heated inside small diameter seamless tube or pipe to allow for high system pressure capability requirements.

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Watlow's New HYDROSAFE Indirect Heat Exchanger is Ideal for Dry Gas Seal Applications

St. Louis, MO -- Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, recently introduced its HYDROSAFE™ indirect electric heat exchanger, a ready-made solution for dry gas seal applications.

Watlow's new HYDROSAFE can be installed quickly and easily because the heating element, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting plate and inlet and outlet connections are combined into a complete assembly.

The gas is heated inside a small diameter seamless tube or pipe to allow for high system pressure capability requirements. When packaged with a Watlow HYDROSAFE control panel, the system provides very flexible heating capabilities to compensate for changes in gas flow rates, or changes in gas composition.

The construction of the HYDROSAFE offers many benefits. The one-piece, non-welded design minimizes potential leaks and allows high-pressure operation. The 316L stainless steel fluid path is independent from the heater sheath preventing fluid contamination. This also allows sensitive materials to be heated effectively, and assures safety because heater failure will not cause leaks or significant damage. The small diameter and low volume pressure boundary allow use in many countries without the need for further pressure vessel certifications.

The small size of the HYDROSAFE ensures it won’t take up valuable space on an offshore platform, and the small mass means a minimal effect on buoyancy requirements. The package is also well suited for all onshore applications due to its ability to meet a wide range of flow rates and temperatures within the same package.

"Watlow's new HYDROSAFE is ideal for the harsh working environments found in oil exploration, extraction and refining, petrochemical industries, etc. because it is small, rugged and non-contaminating," said Dennis Long, marketing director. "Our customers that have tested HYDROSAFE are extremely pleased with its performance and durability."

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