Indexing Conveyor enables multiple in-line operations.

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Dual Track Precision Indexing Conveyor features open-center, single-frame design that can processes smaller parts on each belt or up to 10 lb, 24 in. long parts across both belts. FlexLoc Convertible Holder System provides ±0.01 in. positioning tolerance in multiple axes for mounted part holders. Offered in 12, 18, and 24 in. widths, conveyor comes in standard lengths of 2-10 ft with brushless dc motor, stepper, or servo drives, providing index cycles down to 0.5 sec.

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New Dual-Track Precision Indexing Conveyor Enables Multiple In-Line Operations for Large Parts

Single-frame design delivers single-track precision with dual-track versatility

November 2005 - Conveyor Technologies' new Dual Track Precision Indexing Conveyor delivers single-track positioning accuracy with dual-track versatility. The open-center design permits a variety of in-line operations, while dual tracks allow processing of smaller parts on each belt or large parts up to 10 lbs. and 24" in length, across both belts. The conveyor's patented FlexLoc Convertible Holder System provides ±0.01" positioning tolerance in multiple axes for mounted part holders.

Available in 12-18-24" widths, the dual track, open-center design accommodates forming or punching heads, assembly fixtures, inspection and testing stations, laser printing equipment, tag and label application, etc. Various stations, combined with single- or multiple-pitch indexing, enable single or multiple parts per index. Standard conveyor lengths are 2-10 ft (special lengths are available).

"The Dual Track allows the integration of a wide variety of operations within the indexing system by having the tracks separated and allowing openings through the frame," said Charles Mitchell, president of Conveyor Technologies, Ltd. "This new system delivers a combination of accuracy and versatility that has not been available to date. It lends itself to assembly, testing, processing and inspection operations of larger parts in industries such as automotive, appliance and packaging."

The accuracy of the dual track conveyor is achieved with dual pulleys that are precision machined on an integral shaft, then mounted on a common frame with matched timing belts that utilize Conveyor Technologies' advanced AccuMove technology. A lower return support system prevents belt sag and oscillation. An optional feature allowing calibration of holder to actual belt tooth form provides the highest level of precision alignment of any system in the market, according to the company.

Available drives on AccuMove conveyors include brushless DC motor, stepper or servo, providing index cycles as low as 0.5 sec., depending on total part mass and index distance. Sealed-for-life bearings eliminate the potential for product contamination.

The FlexLoc Convertible Holder System retains part holders against position error while still allowing holders to be changed or replaced without removing the belt or relaxing its tension. The FlexLoc mounting system virtually eliminates perpendicular error, and greatly improves accuracy in the vertical and horizontal axis.

The Dual Track Precision Indexing Conveyor is part of a patented, modular product concept that is foundation to 15 different low-profile conveyor types from Conveyor Technologies. The modular system - warranted for two years - allows great interchangeability of components, and is available in U.S. or metric versions.

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