Indexable End Mills provide aggressive ramping.

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Offered in diameters from 0.97 to 8 in., Mill 1 indexable insert end mills are engineered to have consistent and repeatable insert location. Tools are suited for making holes with end mill, eliminating need for multiple drilling and boring operations. Coated grade options include KC725M titanium carbonitride, KC935M aluminum oxide, KC522M titanium aluminum nitride, and KC410M titanium composite.

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New Kennametal Indexable End Mills Provide Substantial Productivity Gains

(Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA) -- Kennametal has introduced Mill 1, a new line of indexable insert end mills that can significantly increase productivity compared to competitive tools. The new line of end mills, offered in diameters from 0.97 inch to 8 inches, was designed specially to ramp aggressively so it delivers pocketing and hole drilling performance that far surpasses competitive tools. The Mill 1 program also offers at least a 30% increase in maximum rotational speed relative to competitors, which enables further productivity gains in cutting softer materials such as aluminum and plastics. The new cutters are also capable of producing square shoulders to closer tolerances than competitors. "The performance of these new cutters is so clearly superior that our customers have accepted nearly 100% of the 200 cutter bodies that we have delivered for testing to date," said Brian Hoefler, Product Manager for Kennametal.

"We designed the inserts in this new line from the ground up to provide superior ramping capabilities," Hoefler said. "They can penetrate a solid surface and get to the floor quicker to reduce the number of machine moves -- which saves time." The new tools are ideally suited for the task of making holes with an end mill, which can save a large amount of time by eliminating the need for multiple drilling and boring operations. This approach reduces cycle time, reduces the number of tools required, and produces a high quality hole that requires little or no finish work.

The Mill 1 program also offers higher maximum cutting speeds than competitors. The limitation on the speed of competitive cutters is the ability of the screw holding the insert to resist shear forces. Kennametal has installed the screw at an angle to eliminate shear forces, enabling a 30% increase in rotational speed.

The new line also can produce a square shoulder to closer tolerances than competitive end mills. The Mill 1 System is engineered to have more consistent and repeatable insert location -- thus creating unsurpassed abilities to generate shoulders. "Most competitive tools fail over time when performing this operation, primarily due to the method of securing the carbide insert," Hoefler said. "Mill 1 is significantly better by design." Creating a square shoulder with a rotating tool requires curvature on the insert. Competitors put the curve on the side of the insert. This curve, which has to be duplicated on the sidewall of the pocket, reduces the surface holding the insert in place, which tends to allow slippage that often makes it impossible to hold the shoulder to close tolerances. The Kennametal Mill 1 end mill program, on the other hand, puts the curve on the top of the insert, making it possible to tightly secure the insert and produce repeatable features.

Further productivity gains are provided by four grades that offer unprecedented improvements in performance. KC725M is a titanium carbonitride coated grade that provides outstanding performance in roughing and finishing most low carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, and nickel-based alloys. KC935M is an aluminum oxide coated grade that offers extremely high cutting speeds, providing significant productivity gains on a wide range of ferrous materials. KC522M is a titanium aluminum nitride coated grade designed for cutting higher strength materials, such as tool steels and high temperature alloys. KC410M is a new grade with a titanium composite coating designed to reduce built-up edge that provides substantial performance gains in machining low-silicon aluminum and plastics.

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